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Chiefs' Ryan Succop misses game winning field goal, Twitter users make same bad joke

The Kansas City Chiefs, led mainly by their second-string, had a chance to beat the San Diego Chargers at the end of a tied game. They sent out kicker Ryan Succop for a 41-yard try.

A kick would’ve ended the Chargers postseason hopes and put the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs. The kick went wide right, and many fans watching the game took to Twitter to make the same pun involving Succop’s name.





Don’t worry, as obvious as that was… some went for the less obvious route.


Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Guest

    For the first time in my life I was rooting for the chiefs… So this what you sad bastards have to deal with every week? God, I feel so bad for you. Not only can you not win when against better teams when the game is handed to you, but apparently your #2′s are better than your starters.

    Absolutely pathetic, KC.


      You’ve got to be either a Steeler fan or a Raider fan , either case you’re DONE …..happy holidays …. Just kidding….gfys

    • chiefridgy

      Piss off troll

    • DTVTechGuy

      You should find a friend. Been saying it for a while now.

      Just one… One friend would be very rewarding for you.

    • Jordan

      Hey everybody! This guy is bitter!

  • chiefridgy

    What I don’t get is why didn’t they run the ball to the middle of the field before the field goal attempt?

    • Mark Bustamante

      My wife was screaming at the tv when they were running to the right!!!

      • chiefridgy

        Mine too! Lol true story

  • Steve Krenek

    Dear Mr.Succop u owe me a new tv plz reply for mailing address!!!

  • DTVTechGuy

    2-5 the last 7… Limping into the playoffs isn’t good… Let’s hope we slaughter the Colts and get that 3rd game against the Donkey’s… We do and they’re DONE!!!

    • DXW

      “We do and they’re DONE!!!”

      Yeah? You think so? Are you basing this fantasy on how dominant KC was against Denver the first two times they met? HA HA HA… Typical delusional KC fan. You do know KC doesn’t win against good teams that aren’t starting backup QB’s, right?

      Personally, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see KC come to Denver because that would be a gimme game for Denver, but unfortunately the chiefs wont get that far. They’ll be out after next week. Everyone knows they squeaked into the playoffs on an easy schedule and can’t win against good teams. And before you argue that they can, where’s the proof?

      They haven’t beaten a single good team this year… NOT ONE.

      Sorry, but the Chiefs only strength was their D, and they’re not nearly as good now as they were at the start of the season. D-Coordinators have figured them out. I know you don’t want to face it, but the Chiefs are a long-term, middle of the road team that literally has no chance of beating the Colts next week… Well, I suppose if Luck comes down with the flu or breaks a leg getting out of the shower Sunday morning and they have to start their 2nd string QB, then maybe. But even then I’d still put money on the Colts.

      It’s been a cute season for KC (remember when you all thought they were the best in the NFL because of their soft schedule? That was so adorably sweet…), but since Denver schooled them that first time, the Chefs have only managed to win two games against two of the worst, flame-out teams in the league. The idea they will somehow plug those gaping holes in their D while figuring out how to score enough points to keep up with the best teams in the AFC is, at best, wishful thinking, and at worst, flat out ignorance.

      But, this week is all about dreams and possibility, so enjoy the build up to the game. Once it actually starts, you’re going to be miserable.

      • jeffromac23

        Excuse me Denver played almost the exact same schedule except for the Ravens and Patriots and everybody knows that the Ravens are far from the same team they where last year and you lost to the Pats so where were the quality wins in Denver’s season We both lost to Indy and the Bolts. So I guess those quality wins would be against whom? The Chiefs? You do know if we meat you again the best officials will be officiating. I know this season that is not saying much but maybe they will actually call holding on your offensive line unlike the previous two games and maybe just maybe they will let our DB’s bump at the line without throwing a flag this time. If just those two things happen your boys in orange will be in big trouble.

        • DXW

          If you think the officials are the reason KC lost twice to Denver, you’re out of your mind. The two KC/Denver games happened when Denver was playing their worst games of the year. Manning was hobbled, the running game wasn’t working, and the Defense had yet to click. Yet they were still able to demolish the Chiefs in Denver (after the chiefs had two weeks to prepare, btw), and then turn around and beat them again at Arrowhead two weeks later.

          I realize it’s nice to think KC’s winless record against good teams has more to do with the officials hating the Chiefs and wanting them to lose than it does with them facing better teams, but come on… Good teams don’t whine about the refs. KC’s line held Denver’s pass rushers all day during the Arrowhead game, yet Denver still found a way to win. Stop crying about refs. Nobody likes them, and every team has reasons to complain.

          Here’s the deal… Denver’s receivers are too good for KC’s defense to handle, and before you argue this fact, keep in mind that KC has had two chances to prove they could keep up, and they lost both times.


          There’s no shame in losing to a better team. KC is good at that this year. You should just be happy that KC is competitive and leave it at that. If the Chiefs and the Broncos meet again, it’ll be the same result. But, considering what the Colts did to KC a couple weeks ago, it’s pointless to even think about a 3rd game.

        • DTVTechGuy

          Don’t feed the troll…. Here’s what I do… Just ask him if he has managed to make a real life friend yet… He will get mad… Try to make a ” Momma ” or a ” Wife ” joke because he has zero chance of making friends or even knowing what a real woman smells like.

      • Bigchief

        Yea just like your team can’t beat the pats or the colts or any other good teams they play

        • DXW

          You’re right, the Chiefs are not a good team. Thanks for proving my point.

          • Bigchief

            Never said they were but the broncos aren’t much better don’t count on a sb win Brady will carve your defence apart

          • DXW

            Maybe, but I doubt NE can beat Denver in Denver. Brady got lucky in that game in NE after DRC went out and was replaced by a rookie CB, and yet it still took a Denver mistake for him to luck into a win in OT. But, you could be right. If Denver doesn’t show up, they lose. I think they’ll show up, though.

            I’m more concerned about the Chargers. They were the only team to really “beat” Denver this year. NE and Indy won because of mistakes and dumb penalties on the Broncos, but SD outplayed Denver, which was why I was hoping the Chiefs could pull their collective heads out of their mediocre a sses for at least one game against a good team this year… Of course, since they’re the Chiefs, they didn’t.


            Anyway, whatever happens in the playoffs is fine. I’m hoping for a SB win, but it’s been a fun year either way. If Denver loses in the playoffs, so be it. I’m just happy that the greatest offensive team in the history of the NFL wears Orange and Blue.

      • DTVTechGuy

        Have you managed to make any real life friends yet?

        I hope so.

        • DXW

          Just your wife.

          How’s her limp?

          • DTVTechGuy

            Keep trying Junior… One day you will find one. Just remember to be nice to your first friend… It may be your first and only chance at a meaningful relationship. Maybe even a Life-Partner.

            Never know… Keep trying though. I’m rooting for ya!

  • paul pace

    Bottom line, Succop get’s paid a lot of money to make 41 yard field goals. This loss is on him because the backups played great and gave SD a run for the money! I am kinda glad that SD is going to the playoffs because I didn’t want Pittsburg to get in! Succop better get his sh@t together before next weekend because the Chiefs just may need him!

  • gb3fan

    Dear Mr. Succop,

    Please donate your ENTIRE game check to Steeler Nation for not doing your job (which is MAKING field goals). Also, I hope it comes down to a FG next week against Cincinnati. And you blow it. Again.


    One Bitter Steelers Fan

    P.S. You owe @Steve Krenek a new TV.

    • Jordan

      Man I always thought it was the God Given Pittsburg Steelers job to be the best team in the NFL? Why would the saviors of the NFL be relying on the lowly Chiefs Mr. Irrelevant kicker Ryan Succop, to win a game for the much lesser team than yourself?

    • Nintendo Patriot

      KC is playing Indy next week…

      • gb3fan

        I stand corrected. I was pretty pissed off at the time. I hope KC gets destroyed. As it was pointed out in another post, KC is 2-5 in their last 7. Not exactly the strong finish you’d expect from a playoff team.

        • Nintendo Patriot

          Well last year the Ravens finished 1-4. It’s all about who gets hot now…then again I am not banking on a KC victory.

  • Pittsburgh Jagoff Catcher

    Well, because in Pittsburgh we’d rather blame someone else, other than our own team for an 0-4 start to the season, ol’ Ryan is going to catch the brunt of the Pittsburgh rants on our blog post tomorrow.

  • MarieBrockway

    Chiefs and Steelers fans should just s**k it up cuz kicker Ryan Succop just plain f****d up! LOL