Aug 23, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; General view of an Oakland Raiders helmet on the field during the game against the Chicago Bears at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders may fire GM Reggie McKenzie along with entire staff

There seem to be wholesale changes coming to some NFL teams this upcoming week as those franchises with losing records must reevaluate their future with whatever staff is in place at the moment. This means that teams like the Vikings, Lions, Redskins and others are thinking about their current head coaches and whether or not someone could do a better job if hired, but for the Oakland Raiders the change might be coming across the board including at general manager.

Former Raiders CEO Amy Trask spoke on CBS Sports Network this morning and brought up an interesting point in that Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie’s future may be tethered directly to the fate of head coach Dennis Allen.

Continuity is important. I argued with Al [Davis] about that all the time. We had so many arguments, about a lot of things, but about the importance of continuity.  But at some point, you have to say, ‘What is more important?  Keeping the same person in place or evaluating and considering and making sure you have the right person in place’. . . .  When you ask if [Allen] is the right person, I go back to what I opened with.  Why has that narrative changed entirely in two years with the team’s performance?”

Trask referenced the fact that McKenzie and Allen have been in this together since 2012 and while they promised change, the only thing that has happened is two losing seasons. As Trask says, continuity is important and the Raiders have done a good job of making losing a continuous trend in the Bay Area.

Dumping not only Allen but McKenzie as well might be something that changes not only the culture but the losing continuity as well.

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  • James Schroeder

    People seriously can’t be this stupid and not know what’s been going on in Oakland over the past two years. First of all let me address Amy Trask and her comments. In case it wasn’t clear Amy Trask was asked to quit the organization before the Raiders made public that they were firing her. She had no choice. She was part of the process of cleaning house. That’s what Reggie McKenzie was brought into do and he allowed her to leave with dignity. The first two years of the new regime was for one purpose and one purpose only. To cut all the deadweight off of the team, clear up the salary-cap situation, and bring in several one-year contracts to evaluate to see who would join the first year of rebuilding 2014. The Raiders are not going to fire Reggie McKenzie or Dennis Allen. The organization is right on schedule and this was all a part of the plan. The last two years were not intended to win it were intended to deconstruct so they can begin the reconstruction process. Mark Davis already spoke about this. Why these articles are still surfacing is beyond comprehension. Are people really that dumb?

    • PJ

      Then why not just extend the assistant HC contracts at RM request if the suits were on the same page? Maybe MD has an ace up his sleeve in a new HC and GM? Gruden? Or just a HC and staff? It would be unfair to have RM thrown into the fire, have him fix the cap prison we were in to just fire him. DA on the other hand has done nothing in 2 years to better this franchise. None of us know but we will sure find out real soon.

      • Chris Schroeder

        I would love to have Gruden back but I honestly don’t think he will leave ESPN for a team in rebuilding mode. you are right though, nobody knows for sure what Mark Davis will do, and assistant coaches really have no job security whatsoever.
        Remember there is a lot of money they’re going to have this off-season and there are a lot of moves that will be made. There might be other coaches around the league they are interested in bringing in to replace assistant coaches. Dennis Allen’s only a head coach and not connected to the business side of the organization and contracts for any coaches. That falls under Reggie McKenzie’s department, and I’m sure they have a lot of monopolizing to do before they make those decisions prematurely. I think it was a smart move to reject the request

        • Harry Seaward

          You buy low and sell high. Whoever gets the Raiders job next year will be a god if he can make 8-8

          • Harry Seaward

            and if you know football, you should know that HC’s select assistant of their own for the most part, and the fact that MD denied extending the troops contracts is not good news for DA.

          • Chris Schroeder

            I do know football and it’s not good or bad news. It’s simply a business decision that involves
            all of the money they will have in spending this off-season and all of the moves that will be made. That doesn’t mean all of the
            assistance will be fired it just means that they will sit down at some point this week and discuss their finances and options practically. That’s what I would expect, although the media hypes everything up all the time. They may all be fired, Dennis Allen might be fired, Reggie McKenzie might be fired, or Mickey Mouse might be fired. You can’t believe everything you read as there are a lot of behind the scenes that need to go on in the meeting room before executive decisions are made.

          • Phil Mokate

            Good valid points. They can’t just run around like kids in a candy store with the money. RM has a great model to build through the draft, sign your free agents and extend contracts. Keeping everything in house I think is a good plan. I’m more concerned with how they have been drafting the last two years. Remember Burgstrom? Many others to that have just seemingly vanished it seems? I really do believe they need a veteran QB to come in and mentor TP as our #1 guy moving forward and start putting the weapons around him so he can succeed. No QB could survive with 1 PB fullback. Streater and Holmes w/ TP would be a good start. All big and fast!

    • Harry Seaward

      You are an apologist and don’t understand what a good front office and coach SHOULD do, with any roster. Rosters don’t mismanage clocks over and over. Rosters don’t ump offsides on 3rd down all the friggin time. Rosters don’t call the worst play selection I’ve ever seen.
      Coach for sure, Reggie maybe. If I’m getting my signals right, things are lining up for an uber coach to come in and be GM/Coach. No way the season ticket holder fan base can take another year of deer in the headlights Allen and Shrek.

      • Chris Schroeder

        Harry, everybody is entitled to their opinion and perspective and I can appreciate that, but at some point the players need to be held accountable as well. There’s a lot of broken coverages, there’s a lot of confusion. This can be attributed to 10 new starters or young players, or the play calling from the coaches. As fans we only know what we see on the field but when things go our way we think
        it’s the greatest call ever and then we loved the coaches for it.
        Playmakers will be playmakers but without them it’s really hard to match up against playmakers from other teams. they’ve asked Nick roach the back up to Brian Urlacker last year to lead this defense and he’s played more snaps then he’s ever played in his career, that goes for several of the defense and offense on the Raiders. I’m sorry but to blame the coaches for the type of season theyve had at 4–12 is ignorant considering the caliber of teams they were up against.

        • Michael

          You gotta realize, if they had a good coach, they would probably finish the season with at least 4 more wins. Allen let those lead down the drain by his play calling! You were up by 21 pts on the first half. Next thing you do on the second half is play safe and run the ball, eventhough it wasn’t working? What? You’re relying on the clock to wind down and your Defense could stop the opponents offense everytime?? Now, that’s dumb!! It’s like they only have plans/plays for first half and on the second half, they just play conservative and hopefully the defense can hold the opponents from scoring. COME ON!!! And as someone mention up top, he wasted timeout calls for nothing and save the timeout on more important ones! Poor play calling, poor judgement and time management, poor everything! Come on! It’s time for him to go! We can’t keep saying that this is a work in progress but not see much progress or even worse! Get Gruden and get this over with! We have the talent, just don’t have a talented coach!

          • Chris Schroeder

            I don’t agree with every decision the coaches have made this year, but without depth and quality players I could imagine its difficult to finish strong in the 2nd half like you are suggesting. Remember that players who are not use to being starters get tired after so many snaps and that’s when coaches have to rotate other players in and out of positions. when the Raiders fix these issues over the offseason I’m excited to see how they will finish games next year. After they plug the holes there will be no more excuses, then perhaps we can hold the coaches more accountable. The Raiders need continuity in their coaching staff. Next year I expect 8-8, and 2015 I expect a serious push for the playoffs.

          • Harry Seaward

            Hi Dennis!

          • Phil Mokate

            We have a 53 man roster too. They are just not using them. We have blown how many leads this year and then at half time came out coaching to not lose instead of keeping the petal to the metal and continue attacking. Running the clock out at the beginning of half time will and is never going to work! These coached coach to not lose instead of playing smash mouth football Raider style. We have seen TP make some beautiful attacking down the field throws on the 1st play of games. Yesterday, not 1 pass down the field in attack mode. When we fall behind its time to throw the playbook at them. That’s what I do miss about Hue was his innovative play calling and attack the whole game!

    • Mike Mittleberger

      I believe your right. I think this draft along with $63 million in cap space will allow them to start building the team. Draft Football players instead of the fastest athlete available. Sign quality FA’s will be the beginning. Only way I see Mark Davis clean house. Is IF he’s going to let Jon Gruden, take over the team as GM & HC! I just don’t see that happening.

  • AF AF AF

    After what im seeing right now 31-0 at half time…. The entire staff needs to go! Im sick of losing this bad. Allen cant compete against Reid and Fox!

    • PJ

      I agree. Its “Just embarrassing, Baby!” We are setting our own records now the past 11 years in all the wrong categories. I hate the lack of continuity but you cant just keep a HC like DA for the sake of it. We need a HC that can match wits with the big boys in our division. Im sick of the Raiders being called the cellar dwellers.!

    • Chris Schroeder

      Remember Andy Reid was 2–14 with the dream team Eagles before he was fired. A lot of his success can be attributed to the fact that he inherited a team stacked with talent and the quarterback who knows how to operate the West Coast offense. John Fox has one of the best teams ever assembled in the history of the game. Before that who was he? I say smart thing to do would be to give Dennis Allen and his staff a great football team like the ones he has to contend with and see what he can do. This year they had no quarterback, a defense full of career backups, an offensive line that was plugged with practice squad players because of the injuries. If John Fox or Andy Reid had this team they would have surely went 0-16 as most people predicted they were going to go anyways. My point is, doesn’t matter what coach you have if you don’t have A team full of talented players, not just a few but entire team. The 49ers have 8 pro bowlers, we have one and he’s a fullback

      • Ricky Bobby

        They were 8-8 that yr, what is his record @ KC. DA & REGGIE HAVE GOTS TO GO!!

      • AF AF AF

        I agree with you but Allen has made many coaching mistakes which has nothing to do with the players. Down by two scores and running 3 run plays and wasting alomost 40-50 secs whoch could have been saved. Stupid time outs taken.. Ect. Im saying to fire him due to coaching errors he has made.

        Now on the other hand i do see him getting one more year. He has one chance to get the players he wants with money to spend. He will be given one year with plays he wants and the players are also given 1-2 year contracts. And if he still does not make thw playoffs next year he is done.

        My thing s can he really go head to head as a coach with fox and reid. Je has not proven to me that he can. He has not made adjustments on the fly/halftime.

        • Harry Seaward

          I agree with your points on Allen’s coaching prowess, or lack thereof. What I absolutely disagree with is letting this stooge spend our $60M cap space and making any more personnel decisions that will effect us for the next 5 years. I’m not throwing god money after bad if I am Mark Davis.

  • Silvia Arredondo

    What part of rebuilding don’t you people understand??? Give it one more season and if nothing changes after we add on some good draft picks and free agency players….THEN! Complain! We will never get out of this hole if we keep changing HC and GM’s!

    • Harry Seaward

      Yeah, let these morons wreck our only chance at climbing out of this hole.

  • Captain Ho

    I was just thinking this while I was eating my dinner, decided to google my thoughts….and sure enough…a charge to fire McKenzie and all the rest were up and running. I agree Mark Davis should part ways with McKenzie. He fired a great coach in Hue Jackson. Brought in Allen. The raiders do not look like a team going anywhere anytime soon. It is not cap issues. its who he has brought into this organization. its time, Mr Davis to clean House From the Very Top. Mckenzie must go. Bring in a fresh new face.

    • Harry Seaward

      I guarantee we would be better off had we kept Hue. He was the best on field coach we have had in a decade.

  • John

    Fire the Fat a** MacKenzie and his kid dennis allen.

  • Martin Ruiz

    The one thing I can say is that Dennis Allen has been out coached in almost every game this year in the second half. We had leads in half of out games this year in the first half only to get out coached in the 2nd half by better coaches. It’s plain and simple he is to young and was not ready to be a head coach. I like Reggie but I also think he made a wrong choice by hireling Dennis Allen. He needs to go.