Nov 17, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin (11) returns a kickoff against the Minnesota Vikings during the second quarter at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Percy Harvin may be placed on IR on Monday, likely to miss entire postseason

The Seattle Seahawks played Percy Harvin a few weeks ago against the Minnesota Vikings but since then it’s been a mystery as to if he’d ever play again this season. After shelving him for the regular season, the Seahawks are now prepared to place their offseason acquisition on season-ending IR which would deactivate him for the entire postseason.

We knew that this could be a possibility as it was hinted at last week, but the reality of the situation is Harvin will more than likely miss the entire postseason and won’t play another down for the Seahawks until to 2014 season.

Mike Florio from is reporting that Percy Harvin could end up being placed on IR as soon as Monday morning, and it’s news that Seahawks fans do not want to hear.

Harvin’s IR move will no doubt dampen the Seahawks epic weekend, but the fact remains that Seattle has the No. 1 seed in the NFC and they got there without Harvin’s help this season. He would have vastly improved the Seahawks offense, and it’s disappointing to see his season end like this, but Seattle hasn’t needed him all year and everyone is better off waiting until next year to see what Harvin brings to the team.

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  • briwas101

    The hawks would be better off NOT placing him on IR because his 2014 salary becomes guaranteed if they place him on IR.

    Prissy Harvin is damaged goods. The vikings knew that Harvin was damaged goods. Anyone with a brain who hasn’t been living under a rock for the last 9 months can now see he is damaged goods.


    The smart move would be to cut him after the season, take the $10m dead cap hit and start fresh in 2015 with harvin off the books.

    If they keep harvin in 2014 it means we have to pay him for 2014 and we STILL would have like an $8m dead cap hit in 2015 if we cut him.

    Getting rid of Harvin is going to be expensive no matter what, but we waste a lot less money by getting rid of the bum after the Superb Owl as opposed to paying him every year to sit on the bench.

    Worst move in Hawks history

    • jamielarrydon

      I really hope you have seen the new reports out bro.. What are you going to say when Harvin plays out of his mind in the playoff? Like I said before.. you are jumping the gun! You are a very negative fan but we can all change. I have faith.

      • briwas101

        Lol @ you

        Yes, I have seen the reports that Harvin has been cleared to re-injure himself and continue being the most worthless seahawk of all time.

        Remember a couple months ago when he was cleared to play?

        Remember how he only played one mediocre game and hasn’t played since?

        Harvin has played exactly one game and he was mediocre.

        Why would you be stupid enough to think he will:

        A) he will play


        B) he will have a great game.

        He may play in the playoffs, but I wouldn’t expect anything more than another mediocre game from him.

        Everyone on the team EXCEPT FOR PERCY has contributed to the Seahawks this season.

        THEY are the ones who got us here, and they are the ones who are going to lead us to the superbowl.

        Its sad and pathetic that fans like you are dreaming about a WORTHLESS PLAYER THAT HAS DONE NOTHING while the REAL SEAHAWKS are just the guys that help until Percy decides to play.

        Harvin is the most pathetic Seahawk ever and so is any fan that likes him

        • jamielarrydon

          I am not dreaming nor am I fantasizing. I am only holding out hope. Our teams coaches, players and most fans are doing the same. You see the glass half empty my friend and that does not mirror the attitude of the Seahawks organization and to be frank you would be the type of fan that the coaches, players and most fans would not care to have as a fan of their organization. If Harvin plays you better believe that he contributes to the game.