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Alex Rodriguez and Yankees president Randy Levine e-mails excerpts released

While researching his cover story Chasing A-Rod” for New York magazine, Steve Fishman came across “a trove of the electronic correspondence” between New York Yankees president Randy Levine and slugger Alex Rodriguez. Fishman released various excerpts of the e-mails on the magazine’s website and it is very interesting.

For starters, they don’t read like e-mails but more like text messages. That includes shorthand and abbreviating words.

From May 11, 2011:

Levine: Hey, tough game, I’m worried about your health, u sure u r ok? You look to me like you’re a little off. If just a slump, you will come out, but if more, let me know.

This exchange looks more like texting than e-mails.

From March 25, 2012:

Levine: Ouch. Feel better.
Rodriguez: Can’t hurt me.
Levine: It hurt me watching.
Rodriguez: HA!

This has to be the biggest shocker though. Levine makes at least one “steroid” joke to Rodriguez. This e-mail is from July 30th of 2012, Rodriguez had injured his hand five days earlier when hit by a pitch and was out.

Levine: How r u feeing since u left Robby [Cano] under 200, he needs some steroids fast!

Less than a month later he sends this, and references Cano “not using the liquid.”

Levine: Hey, what’s up with Robby. This guy must not be using the liquid. U didn’t tell me what did Chris and Steve say your ETA is. Don’t rush it unless u r right. We need you. Nova looks like he may need a breather. What do u see.

These are real life e-mails. You can read more over at the magazine’s website.

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