Kansas City Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop (6). Photo Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports.

Missed penalty call may have led to Charger’s win


The San Diego Chargers put together a brilliant fourth quarter comeback against the Kansas City Chiefs in a 27-24 overtime win.  Before the Chargers won in overtime, the Chiefs had a chance to win the game with four seconds to go in regulation.  However, Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop missed the go ahead field goal, and set up San Diego’s overtime victory.

According to NBC, the Chargers should have been called for a penalty during the field goal attempt. San Diego had seven players on one side of the ball when they lined up against the attempt, and the rules allow only six players.  If the penalty was spotted by the officials, then the Chiefs would have gotten a second field goal attempt five yards closer.

If the Chargers lost to the Chiefs, the Pittsburgh Steelers would have claimed the sixth seed in the AFC Playoffs.  Instead, San Diego secured the sixth seed, and Steeler fans are left speculating what could have been.

It is fair to speculate, but it won’t do anyone good.  The lesson is to never rely on other teams to make the playoffs.  When you rely on other teams, crazy plays (or calls, or missed calls) are bound to happen.


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  • arnie

    Very, true. That cuts both ways. The Chargers were hung out to dry on a few missed/bad calls. However they should have never allowed to get that close were a yellow hankie decided their fate.
    At the end of the day, four teams were playing for one playoff spot. Only ONE did what they had to do, to get it.

    • guest

      Indeed… Steelers dropped their own ball. Moving on. Good game. Had to be a bullet sweater for you guys..but alls well that ends well. GoChiefs

  • Lewis Maddox

    Like I said in another post, we’ve lost on plays where the referee calls have forced the NFL to change the rules. Remember the fumblerooskie? In the record books Oakland still has the W.
    Why are there so many rule changes on field goals? Have you seen one flag thrown EVER, for a team overloading on a kick? What’s so hard about the offense shifting a blocker to that side for crying out loud? Injuries have been coming on kickoffs, not field goals.
    I wasn’t angry at Nate Kaeding for having a nervous breakdown in 08 against the Jets, I was angry at the entire team for not annihilating what I thought was an inferior club. Aesthetics be dammed. If Kaeding would have made a tap-in we would have played for the championship.
    We finally got one! Scoreboard!