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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Johnny Manziel to Cleveland Browns

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It’s been a rough year for the Cleveland Browns franchise. The Browns went 4-12 and first year coach Rob Chudzinski was fired.

You read that right, folks. First year coach.

Usually in the NFL a coach will get at least three to try to turn things around. Cleveland gave Chudzinski one, which is truly surprising.

The only thing the Browns can do is look forward though, and along with the prospect of a new coach; that means the draft.

My good friend Matt Miller of Bleacher Report put out his latest Mock Draft, and the pick he has for the Browns is certainly forward thinking.

Miller sees the Browns drafting one Johnny “Football” Manziel. Here’s his explanation:

The Texas A&M quarterback and former Heisman Trophy winner is polarizing, but with the controversy comes a ton of potential and production. Manziel may need to change his penchant for running at the next level, but what he won’t have to alter are his instincts and feel for where to attack a defense. That, as much as anything, is what has stood out about Manziel the last two seasons—he’s an attacker.

The Browns need an attitude on offense, and Manziel will give them a ton of swagger alongside top-tier quarterback ability.

I agree with Miller that wherever Manziel ends up, he’s going to bring a swagger and confidence to the team. Considering the Browns just fired their head coach after just one season, perhaps a quarterback with swagger is what they really need?

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It’s quite obvious that Brandon Weeden isn’t the answer at quarterback, and I don’t see Jason Campbell being a long-term solution either.

Why not rejuvenate the organization with a pick like Manziel? At the very least he’ll bring some excitement back to Cleveland football, and right now, those positive vibes would be welcome.

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  • SolidBro

    Another Tebow. Not interested.

    • Samuel Jackson

      I disagree, Johnny has much more raw talent than Tebow will ever have.

      • marcus donald

        Yes he does.He also understands making good reads,and that’s why they love him.He is nothing like Tebow.

  • Paul Tatara

    Please. The Browns take this kid, and in two years he’s rooming with Tim Tebow. Plus, he’s half crazy. No thank you.

  • john

    the only smart thing to do is take johnny football,the browns have nothing right in the last 15 yrs.

  • marcus donald

    The Brown’s need a guy like Johnny Football.Then with the second pick in the first round,I pick the biggest and fastest WR in college football,opposite Josh Gordan.Second round draft two CB over 6 ft tall like the Seahawks do.Our CB’s are to short to guard people.Then in the third I’d draft Carlos Hyde,to help the running game.I’d also move Keke Mingo to Middleline backer,and cut Paul Kruger’s

  • Chris Watson

    Wow, you people really don’t know football if you think this guy is another Tebow. He has a stronger arm and is a totally different style runner. Tebow is big and could just run up the middle in college but does not have the speed and isn’t elusive enough to run outside or scramble. He also has the intangibles to be a QB at the next level. Johnny Football is going to be fine in the NFL.

    • marcus donald

      Totally agree

  • adam

    There is a movie coming out next spring called “Draft Day” starring Kevin Costner anyways its about the Browns and how his job is on the line and needs to make a splash with their “1″ pick… Well this is the same situation.. We desperately need a splash… I think the exciting and most interesting pick would be “johnny football” then use the next couple picks on OL then. Maybe consider drafting Johnnys big huge wr Mike evans then to finish it out pick up a rb like a carlos hyde or storm Johnson or kadeem carey?

  • Truth

    I would rather have Blake Bortles. Manziel is small. His frame is small. His mechanics are bad. Footwork, arm angle, the whole nine. Manziel will not succeed in the NFL. Blake Bortles is a much much better pick.

    • Rich Mcglone

      I guess you would ratherr be a perenial looser , the eye test doesn’t lie Manziel is way better then Bortles —PERIOD !!!

    • Brandon M. Llewellyn

      AGREE! Manziel isn’t nfl material, at lease not the afc north division. I like Carr from Fresno state better personally

  • fry1laurie

    No. Just no.

  • Ken Hoag

    As luck will have it Bortles will be gone, Manziel will fall into the Browns lap and they will pick some offensive lineman instead. Just watch.

  • Brandon M. Llewellyn

    As a die hard browns fan, please do all of us true browns fans a favor, do not draft Manziel! 1. He is not ready for the nfl, yes he is good, but not ready. 2. Cleveland needs to stay away from trouble college kids. 3. Draft Carr! He will fit in better for the afc north.