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2014 NFL Mock Draft: UCLA's Brett Hundley to Raiders

It’s safe to say that after a 4-12 season, the Oakland Raiders could probably stand to go in a new direction.

In the NFL, the quarterback position means everything. Sure, we’ve seen teams win Super Bowls off of great defenses or a stellar running game in the past; but more often than not, it’s the quarterback who makes a difference for an NFL franchise.

Oakland needs a new one, and its as simple as that. Terrelle Pryor is an explosive athlete who should be used in different packages for the Raiders, but he doesn’t have the consistency you look for in a franchise quarterback. Conversely, Mat McGloin just doesn’t inspire the confidence you need in a franchise quarterback.

With the 2014 NFL draft coming up, what will the Raiders choose to do in the first round? My friend Matt Miller, Bleacher Report’s NFL Draft expert, predicts they’ll go with a quarterback. Brett Hundley from UCLA, if he comes out.

There is no guarantee that Brett Hundley, a redshirt sophomore, will enter the 2014 NFL draft. But if he does, teams will fall all over themselves for a chance to grab his pro-ready arm and considerable athletic upside.

Hundley isn’t NFL-ready from a footwork or field vision perspective, but he’ll get there in due time. The reason he’s worthy of the No. 5 overall pick is because you see on film a player that’s so close to getting it, and in the meantime, he’s able to attack with his arm and legs as a mobile, attacking quarterback

I agree with Miller that Hundley has tremendous upside. He’s athletic, he can get it done in the pocket or on the run, and he’s a true playmaker.

With that said, he would be somewhat of a project player; and I do wonder if Oakland can afford to take a project in round one. I also wonder if the organization is suited to develop a star quarterback as it is.

Perhaps going with a  “sure thing” player at the pick would be the way to go for Oakland?

Hundley has thrown for 6,590 yards 51 touchdowns and 20 interceptions for UCLA in two seasons. He’s also rushed for 942 yards and 18 touchdowns on the ground.

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