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Brandon Jacobs: 'Screw all them other teams'

Brandon Jacobs loves the New York Giants. He has no intention of playing for any team but the New York Giants.

Just ask him. That’s what Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News did, and Jacobs made it very clear that he has absolutely no desire to play for any other team in the NFL:

“I will only play here, no question. And if that’s not the case, take it for what it is. Give me a box. Every other Sunday I’ll put my Giants shirt on, my Giant hat, and root for this football team, this organization…

…I’m only playing here. Screw all them other teams. Screw all them other teams. I’m a Giant. I tried (playing elsewhere) already. I’m a Giant. I am a Giant up and down, 0-16, 16-0, 8-8, whatever you want to call it. I’m a Giant. That’s what it is. And this is the organization that I love.”

For Jacobs, it would appear, the scars of that one season with the San Francisco 49ers run deep.

In 2013 Jacobs was surprisingly productive in seven games for the Giants. He averaged 4.1 yards a carry and scored four touchdowns before a knee injury ended his season. Whether or not teams would be interested in him based on his performance and the fact he is coming off an injury is debatable, although it wouldn’t matter if they were interested anyway.

For Brandon Jacobs, it’s the New York Giants or bust.

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