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Dennis Allen doesn't know if Raiders' future QB is on roster

Dennis Allen, Oakland Raiders head coach, may have signaled the beginning of the end for both Terrelle Pryor and Matt McGloin.

On Monday, during his end of the year press conference, Allen dropped this dime on the current quarterbacks on the roster (per Paul Gutierrez of

“Yeah, well, I think that’s a position that we’ve got to make sure that we address,” Allen said in his season-ending media conference Monday.

“I’m not sure that we have the quarterback of the future in the building right now, but again I think we’ll go through the offseason evaluation process, I think we’ll go back through all the tapes, we’ll comb through everything. I do think we have a better idea of what we have at the quarterback position, but again I think, listen, that’s the most important position on the football field.”

That’s certainly  not a ringing endorsement for either Pryor or McGloin, but frankly, I’m not sure why Allen would publicly endorse either player right now anyhow.

While he’s shown some flashes, Pryor was wildly inconsistent at quarterback. He threw for seven touchdowns compared to 11 interceptions in 2013. McGloin wasn’t much better, throwing for eight touchdowns and eight interceptions.

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Many mock drafts have the Raiders going with a quarterback, my favorite option is Johnny Manziel, and it’s hard not to see Oakland trying to go in a new direction at quarterback.

Unfortunately for either Pryor or McGloin, that could mean the end of their chances to be “the guy” for Oakland.

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  • TribalX

    I don’t know if the Raiders future O-Line is on the roster. Not sure if Dennis Allen will be on the payroll either.

    • Bob

      At least guard-wise.

  • PJ

    Thats definetely the thing to do while waiting to see if your job is safe is to put your QBs down due to his lack of efficiency to develop one and throw the team under the bus. I remember Hue tried that and look where it got him? I think MD is much smarter then people give him credit for. He said it mid last year that he just wanted to see progress and another 4-12 that = 8-24 since then is not progress!

    • Pridenpoise

      How do you figure he threw the team under the bus, all I heard him say all year was how the this team never quit and was never lacking in the effort department, but the talent isn’t there my words not his. I guess you would rather him come out and give the QB’s a ringing endorsement, let’s face it who knows if either of these 2 are starting material, I know I’m not hitching my wagons to either one of them. I am not a huge fan of Allen but I still think he should be given another year where he is not behind the eight ball with salary cap issues, and we can finally attract some decent free agents, and we should have a pretty good draft this year, if Reggie and the boys don’t F it up.

      • Phil Mokate

        DA basically insinuated or tried to justify his 8-24 record by pulling the lack of talent card. He said their hands have been tied behind their backs. That to me says it was not him but the players fault. There were so many bad decisions made with DA that he isn’t even man enough to own up to it. Losing falls on coach and we saw how many blown leads this year from half time on? Bad management by DA in play schemes on D and O sides, clock, players, adjustments and staff from last year and on n on! 8-24 tells the story. Lets remember that they don’t ask what but how many wins we have that gets us into 1 of those 12 teams in contention.

      • TribalX

        Dennis Allen is walking on thin ice. Not a good time to say anything negative about anyone on the team whatsoever. He should be keeping his thoughts on the down-low right now instead of giving stories to the media.

      • John Thomas Hurdle II

        I agree with you. But the Qb TP has not had a chance to play until now. So I say he was in a system in College and gotten better. I say keep the same OC this year. But I also want to see what they do with the Draft and Free agency.

  • John Thomas Hurdle II

    We do not need Manziel, We need a QB that says and believes it is a team not him and the rest. Both of these Qb’s will be better next year if we keep the same OC. t great in his first year. It takes a couple of years to really get comfortable in games with the receivers ask Brady. We need to stay with these 2 and let them battle it out. Or go get Vince Young for 5 million 2 yr. contract.

    • Phil Mokate

      Agreed on all points. Although I know TP brings more to the table in growth to be reached then MM so, with that being said, TP needs to be made the starter period. We stand behind him and support him while he, players that stay and the new ones brought in settle in together like a well oiled machine. Streater on one side and Holmes on the other with 6’5 TP in the back? wow! We need big fast receivers out there in these two. It reminds me of what Cutler has on the corners including Bennett.

  • holy roller

    DA had better re-think his stance here. MD likes his daddies boy TP and I bet RM likes his boy mcgroin. Both have talent the latter being basicly an “overachiever” in the ilk of a flutie and the “Pryor” (yeah, I just wrote that!) well, 93 yards from scrimmage, one play…..40 yard bomb on the first play..TD! On pace to break a thousand freaking yards as a qb?????? Uh, seems to have a bit more of an upside or the “it” factor.
    I think TP will play lights out in preseason and beat any compatition in any case. Whether he can translate that into more wins than losses? Remains to be seen but I’d like him to get a real chance here before he move on and becomes wildly sucsessful elswhere……
    My biggest beef? One game from the play-offs and 8-8 with hue the mouth but two years later, “we just couldn’t, didn’t have the talent”…….maybe from a coaching standpoint, MUTTONHEAD!
    In any case, go raiders and E’f the rest!

  • John Thomas Hurdle II

    OK I will put it like this, DA is a 2 yr. Head coach. So his growing pains is like a Rookie QB. Add that along with a young team we average the age of 24. So I say this year needs to be better than 8-8 as well win some division games. Do not need to draft a QB. Also even though Terelle Pryor has been in the league 3 years. He just got to really play this year and he has had 3 different OC. So we need to let this be turning year. I am a McFadden fan. But I feel he has got to go. Needs a Hyde from Ohio State behind Reece. Have a power running game to take pressure off your young QB’s. I will say again drafting project players instead of proven talent is not your first or second round picks.