Dec 29, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) warms up before a game against the Washington Redskins at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning says he needs to play better

No quarterback in the NFL threw more interceptions than New York Giants signal caller Eli Manning. In fact, it wasn’t even close. Manning, who tossed 27 interceptions threw five more than Carson Palmer and Joe Flacco, each of whom were picked off 22 times.

The sub-par play from Manning sparked controversy at times, including booing from the home crowd which lead to the former Super Bowl champion to suggest he needs to play better:

I need to play better and … in certain games I didn’t play as good as I needed to win. Some games were just tough and we got outplayed, but I can definitely improve. I need to and I will. That’s with Peyton having his best year of his career at 37, so I know I can get better. I can make improvements. I can play at a high level and improve my game these next years and get back to making the playoffs and winning championships.’

While Manning has always been a bit interception prone, he’s never had a season as dreadful as he expired in 2013 so hopefully for Manning and Giants fans, it was more of an anomaly rather than an indication of the future.

Manning finished the season with 18 touchdowns and a woeful 69.4 quarterback rating.

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  • Joseph Bulger

    Physician heal thyself. Not. Eli was robbed of a bona fide QB coach by Gilbride Sr. so that he could get his son a job as WR coach. What qualified Sean Ryan to be QB coach? He was WR coach for 2 years, and on the Giants staff for 7. That’s it. What qualified Sean to be QB coach was Gilbride Jr. getting Sean’s WR coach job. How’d that work out for them… both Cruz and Randle have both stated they lost the connection with Eli, and Nicks never made it to the end zone in a contract year. WR coach grade? D. But this isn’t about Gilbride Jr. This is about Gilbride Sr. providing Eli with a no BS QB coach. What would he look like? That’s called a benchmark — the standard by which candidates are judged. I think a suitable standard for QB coach is Tom Clements of Green Bay. He tutored Aaron Rogers, coached Bret Favre down from a 29 INT season to 18 the next, was QB coach for the Steelers and Saints, and was a 2 time CFL champion QB, and an All-American QB with Notre Dame. That’s a benchmark QB coach. Sean Ryan isn’t even in the same discussion. What if… what if Sean Ryan had stayed in his job as WR coach? His WRs seemed to do pretty well before Gilbride Jr. came along. More importantly, what if Eli had a QB coach like Tom Clements for the past 2 years instead of Sean Ryan? We’ll never know, but we can speculate. Maybe we’ll have a better feel for that once Gilbride Sr. is gone and the new OC brings in a bona fide QB coach to help Eli rid himself of those nasty habits leading to all those INTs and off target throws.