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Is the pressure on New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman?

By almost any account, New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has had a solid off-season thus far. He started by avoiding a gigantic contract in excess of $200 million with second baseman Robinson Cano, letting him walk and sign with the Seattle Mariners.

Cashman then used the payroll available to him to sign catcher Brian McCann and outfielders Carlos Beltran and Jacoby Ellsbury. While there is some injury risk associated with those players (Ellsbury in particular), it was smart to spread the big money around in that manner.

Additionally, the Yankees appear to be among the front-runners to land Japanese starting pitcher Masahiro Tanaka. If they do manage to pull that off, they should be listed among the favorites in the American League even with the uncertainty surrounding Derek Jeter and, of course, Alex Rodriguez.

The Yankees missed the playoffs in 2013. If they fail to reach the post-season again in 2014, might it actually spell trouble for Cashman? Buster Olney of ESPN, with whom Cashman is pictured above, wonders if that potential scenario would put the GM’s job in jeopardy (insider subscription required). 

Cashman’s contract is up in the fall of 2015, which will surely factor into the equation. Given the unique challenges of the job, it is almost impossible to imagine the Yankees thinking there is a better option out there. Still, there might be just a little bit of extra pressure on Cashman to land Tanaka and finish the winter with a bang.

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  • andy

    The key is getting Tanaka.This enables them to keep Gardner and finish up with a couple of low cost veterans to fill out the staff.
    We are looking good.Jeter and Tex will be back,we still have Alfonso and Ichiro.McAnn,Beltran and Ellsbury are a formidable trio to pencil into any lineup.Roberts can platoon with Johnson.Adding Reynolds would be nice.A-Rod gets injured a lot so he can spend time sharing with Nunez,who has a live bat,as well.
    Don’t count the Bombers out!

    • Hayden Kane

      For me there is little doubt that they have pieced together a lineup that will score plenty – a lot of it really does ride on whether they land Tanaka and, if they don’t, where they turn after that for SP help.

      • andy

        If Seattle doesn’t blow the Yankees out of the water again Tanaka is coming to NY.I say they still might sign Bronson Arroyo,as well.If they could only dump Rodriguez,who is probably finished,although that is debatable.He still looks great in the field but is too injury prone.Even if he is hammered by the arbitrator it looks like he could still play pending Federal Court actions.
        What do you think about that matter?

        • Hayden Kane

          I think there’s still a lot left to that ugly situation, but if he is somehow on the field again he showed he can still play a little. I don’t think they would be able to dump him, as you suggest. Literally no team wants him and his baggage (including the Yankees).

  • Corethree

    I don’ t believe Cashman has much to do or say about ”landing” Tanaka, so there goes the pressure. And i wasn’t aware of any ”concerns” about Jeter. Lets have a little faith in DJ, one of the greatest Yankees there ever was.

    • Hayden Kane

      It’s reasonable to say that Cashman has little control over signing Tanaka, in that all he can do is offer him the same pile of money as other teams. Thing is though, “reasonable” doesn’t always factor in when it comes to the Yankees, and it’s going to be a thing in New York if they don’t sign him.

      As for Jeter, I’m all for it if we want to have faith in the guy because of his track record, but he’s coming off a season when he played only 17 games and he will turn 40 in June. I think you can acknowledge that as cause for concern but then still root for him to overcome those challenges and look like the all-timer we know him to be.