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No, the Miami Marlins are not trading Giancarlo Stanton

This rumor has largely been put to rest, but yesterday writer Greg Johns was posed the question that was once a hot topic.

Will the Miami Marlins trade Giancarlo Stanton?

Johns covers the Seattle Mariners, who are in the mode of making splashy moves this off-season. It makes sense, then, that the Seattle fan base will be the last one to let the “trade for Stanton” dream die. Johns explains in his column from yesterday morning:

It’s time for everyone to stop thinking up scenarios where the Mariners — or any other team — will trade for Stanton. A very knowledgeable source told me recently that the Marlins have no interest in trading Stanton, despite frequent inquires from other clubs, as Miami is looking to build around the young slugger and 21-year-old pitching star Jose Fernandez.

As the Mariners try to build a winning team around second baseman Robinson Cano, they need a bat to put behind him and lengthen their lineup. That need more reasonably links them to free agents Nelson Cruz and Kendrys Morales than it does any blockbuster trade.

In the meantime you have the Marlins, who all but openly duped their fan base, yet they still possess two of the most desirable building blocks in all of baseball with Stanton (right handed power bat under team control through 2017) and Jose Fernandez (21-year-old phenom ace starting pitcher). Go figure.

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