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Bills fans posterized opposing fans before games on 'Slam Cam' (Video)

The Buffalo Bills had a rough season going 6-10 with a rookie quarterback under center. To top it all off, one Bills fan decided to slide down the rail of an upper deck and fell to the level below injuring himself and some one else.

Rough year all around, except for these guys in the parking lot before the game.

They spent their pre-game time working on an epic compilation video. Basically they took the “Slam Cam” trend to the NFL. As fans were walking into the games, the fans would unsuspectingly dunk on away team fans.

One guy runs up with the backboard, sometimes one or two people would come up and dunk on him. Most of the away team fans seem to take it in stride and be good sports about it just kind of shrugging it off.

Of course, when you’re a fan of an away team in enemy territory what are you supposed to do. You can’t exactly try to call out a Bills fan outside the stadium where the Bills play, it becomes a number issue.

For the fans part it didn’t seem like it was intended to be malicious either, just fun.

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  • Mickey Fay

    A few years ago my guy and I went to Jacksonville to see the Steelers play. We were in our Steelers garb and had to walk through the tailgating to get to the stadium. We took some ribbing, but it was all in fun. We all were laughing. It was a great experience until the guy behind me started throwing peanuts in my hair. Another Jax’s fan called security on him and he was removed. Steelers won, and we showed respect as we left the stadium. We all have our favorites, we just need to respect each other.

  • Paul Kawalerski

    Looked like good competitive fun to me. After all it’s just a game in the end. Just need to show respect. Nothing wrong with some good old ribbing. Just control the alcohol consumption and don’t become a jerk. Have fun and Go Bills!!!