Dallas Morning News tweet says Charlie Strong is not a 'hip-hop coach'

The Texas Longhorns have officially announced that Charlie Strong is the new head coach via a statement on their website. The Dallas Morning News promoted a story about “10 things you might not know” about him post.

Nothing wrong with that except for the point they decided to attach to the story in their ill-advised tweet.

The tweet makes it sound like the Dallas Morning News assumes all black coaches are hip hop coaches. Apparently it is a quote from Lou Holtz included in one of the slides.

The slide’s caption reads:

Strong has coached under coaches who had national championship credentials, including Lou Holtz, Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer. Holtz hired Strong twice: at Notre Dame in 1995 and South Carolina in 1998.

“The thing that impressed me most was his attitude … his people skills and his ability to communicate,” Holtz told the Courtier-Journal. “I found as we went along that his greatest asset was common sense. He’s great with players … but he’s not a hip-hop coach. He really, truly could have coached for (Ohio State’s old-school taskmaster) Woody Hayes with no problem whatsoever.

[UPDATE:] The Dallas Morning News has tweeted a clarification:



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