Dallas Morning News tweet says Charlie Strong is not a ‘hip-hop coach’

The Texas Longhorns have officially announced that Charlie Strong is the new head coach via a statement on their website. The Dallas Morning News promoted a story about “10 things you might not know” about him post.

Nothing wrong with that except for the point they decided to attach to the story in their ill-advised tweet.

The tweet makes it sound like the Dallas Morning News assumes all black coaches are hip hop coaches. Apparently it is a quote from Lou Holtz included in one of the slides.

The slide’s caption reads:

Strong has coached under coaches who had national championship credentials, including Lou Holtz, Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer. Holtz hired Strong twice: at Notre Dame in 1995 and South Carolina in 1998.

“The thing that impressed me most was his attitude … his people skills and his ability to communicate,” Holtz told the Courtier-Journal. “I found as we went along that his greatest asset was common sense. He’s great with players … but he’s not a hip-hop coach. He really, truly could have coached for (Ohio State’s old-school taskmaster) Woody Hayes with no problem whatsoever.

[UPDATE:] The Dallas Morning News has tweeted a clarification:



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  • Cotton_Mcknight

    Big deal. Holtz simply meant that he is old school, as in, he could have coached with Lombardi or one of those guys. “Hip hop” in this case simply means that Strong is not going for the latest fads, and he doesn’t lack a solid background. He is a fundamentally sound coach. That’s all that means.