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Philip Rivers isn't worried about the cold weather

You know what we love talking about? How quarterbacks do in cold weather.

It has become a go-to criticism for Peyton Manning due to his career win-loss record in the cold (because, you know, quarterback win-loss results are pretty much a trump stat). Of course Manning didn’t help his case by throwing a crippling interception to end last year’s chilly playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

But hey, Drew Brees broke through in the cold last night, putting together a clutch drive to set up the winning field goal as the New Orleans Saints defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 24-23.

What’s that? He only threw one pass on that final drive? Well, whatever, he won in the cold guys!

Anyhow, the next quarterback to face this apparently pressing question is Philip Rivers as his San Diego Chargers get ready for today’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. The weather forecast is cold and wet and snowy, but Rivers says he’s not worried (quotes courtesy of the San Diego Union Tribune:

“We’ve played two games this year that weren’t brutally cold, but they were cold. If it’s wet and rainy, certainly, that’s a factor. That’s a factor for both teams. If the wind is blowing 20 miles per hour, that’s a factor. I don’t think it’s anything that we need to concern ourselves with. We’ll both be in the same conditions. Over the years, we’ve handled those pretty well.”

Rivers is 5-0 in his career when he wears gloves, which does at least argue for his adaptability in different situations (even if that is cherry-picking a stat just a little bit).

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