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Jan 5, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) exits the field after defeating the Cincinnati Bengals 27-10 to win AFC wild card playoff football game at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Philip Rivers' bolo tie becoming San Diego Chargers lucky charm

Almost every team that has a special postseason run has had one – a lucky charm.

The 2002 Anaheim Angles had the ‘Rally Monkey’. The 2010 San Francisco Giants had the ‘Rally Thong’. The 2013 San Diego Chargers have the…bolo tie?

Sure, the Chargers don’t play baseball like the aforementioned Angels or Giants but they certainly have a little something extra in their back pocket given how close they’ve come to elimination the past few weeks.

Needing to essentially win out in the final month of the season (with a tough schedule), the Chargers did exactly that and squeaked into the playoffs thanks to some ball bounces (literally) going their way. But there was no luck involved in their dismantling of the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday afternoon which included quarterback Philip Rivers wearing his trademark bolo tie.

Rivers is a pretty big fan of Western swag and rocked the infamous look after San Diego took down the Denver Broncos late in the season – the lone home loss suffered by the Broncos this season. Rivers has been sporting the tie ever since and proudly displayed such after the win over the Bengals.

Let’s just hope he was still wearing the rattlesnake boots he also debuted in Denver.

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