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Bill O'Brien wants Houston Texans QB to be like Tom Brady

It’s no secret that nowadays in the NFL, you need a franchise quarterback to lead your team. None of the teams that won this weekend in the Wild Card did so without the leadership of one of the biggest names in the game, as Philip Rivers, Andrew Luck, Colin Kaepernick and Drew Brees all moved on and extended their teams seasons on their own backs.

The Houston Texans thought they had a franchise quarterback in Matt Schaub but that ended up being a notion that got a lot of people fired this season and now the new man in charge has a mold he wants for his future franchise quarterback. Texans head coach Bill O’Brien has stated that he wants his new quarterback, whoever that may be, to play a Tom Brady role in the offense.


O’Brien told Peter King of that when Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was playing in O’Brien’s offense in New England, the most important aspect of Brady’s character was that he spent every bit as much time studying the offense as the coaches did.

This seems easier said than done, as everybody in the NFL wants a Tom Brady type quarterback in their system. Making a general statement like that the first week in the job seems a little lame, but O’Brien worked with Brady in New England and may be the most well equipped coach in the league to make such a statement.

Houston needs a quarterback desperately and they’ll be drafting one first overall this April. Who that may be we don’t know, but we certainly know who he’ll be modeled after.

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