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Maddux and Glavine learned from each other

MLB Network was able to get Greg Maddux on the phone while they had Tom Glavine live via satellite following the two teammates’ Hall of Fame elections.

The two exchanged congratulations and both said they learned something from the other during the course of their career with the Atlanta Braves.

Maddux said that he learned from Glavine that “you don’t have to be 100% to pitch.” With that kind of mentality, it’s no wonder that Maddux earned the nickname “Mad Dog.”

Glavine said he learned about paying attention to the details from Maddux. Glavine said he would go through his routine, but one day Maddux told him to pay attention to how a hitter approached his pitches.

Both also gave credit to John Smoltz, who will be Hall of Fame eligible for the first time next year, for being another set of eyes to make sure their mechanics didn’t break down and to give them advice if they did.

Lefty Glavine also gave some insight as to what parts of his upbringing made him so good.

I think a couple of things. My dad being a construction worker, and having a small construction business back in Boston, he taught me the value of hard work. You show up every day, you go to work, you do your thing, and that’s kind of how I went about my business, you know. Every fifth day was my turn to pitch, and it didn’t matter if I felt great or I didn’t feel great, I had to go out there, I had to pitch, and I had to try and figure something out. I got that from my dad, I probably got my stubbornness from my mom. Collectively, it worked pretty well for me.

Tom’s trademark stoicism cracked, only slightly, when the fact that John Smoltz wasn’t in the “Chicks Dig the Long Ball” commercial was brought up.

“Hey John,” Glavine said, barely cracking a smile, “Chicks dig the long ball, not the bald spot.”

Should John Smoltz be inducted next year, seeing those three on the stage should be a legendary sight.


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