December 15, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen high-fives offensive tackle Menelik Watson (71) against the Kansas City Chiefs during the first quarter at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders retain Dennis Allen as head coach

The Oakland Raiders held a lengthy meeting on Tuesday between owner Mark Davis and head coach Dennis Allen. There were some questions about the nature of the meeting and it left many wondering what Allen’s future with the team would be, but it turns out that the two sides were simply learning from last season and looking forward to the future as they prepare for 2014.

No one’s job was harmed in the making of the meeting.

“We met [Tuesday] evening at the Raider facility, and the meeting went really well,” Davis said, via “We talked about a lot of things, from personnel issues to the coaches to a review of the past season to the draft and our needs for next season.

“We’re ready to rock and roll.”

Allen has two years remaining on his four-year deal in Oakland.

While he has been able to hang on to his job now, he will need to improve on the 4-12 records that he has put together over the past two years if he wants to have a brighter future with the team.

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  • jim

    just don’t like this move!!!

  • PJ

    DA is only thinking of himself by trying to build hus resume. Who keeps a coach 8-24? Another draft class, new players and Reid and Fox to compete with? Bad move! I can tell you a lot of fans and players are not happy this clown is still here. Expect TP will be packing his bags if DA has his way and Mcnothing will be DAs little boy toy! I have never been so disgusted to be a 44 year Raider Fan! Sewer filled stadium of a once proud Dynasty gone DUCK!

    • RdrFusion

      When the team was purged from top to bottom and you only had a makeshift team to compete with! Leave if you want to…

      • Phil Mokate

        I don’t need your permission Litl drumr boy! GFY!

        • RdrFusion

          Asenine punk moron…

  • TWing27

    Everybody seems so upset, why? It is just a game and it is YOUR team!!! Be supportive through good and BAD!!!! I love my team like I love my Country, I’m not gonna run down either no matter what mistakes or decisions they make that I do not agree with. It is what it is. Red, white, blue and Silver n Black til I die!!!!!!

    • RdrFusion

      Right on, TWing27! There has to be continuity with the GM/Coaching. Like the rest of the league. Silver and Black!

    • Phil Mokate

      It’s not just my team but I will continue to be a Raider fan for another 45 year’s. That don’t mean I support the decisions made or can do anything about it. Just like Obama! nuff said!

  • DanfromVegas

    I like this move. No coach could have had a successful season with the roster we had. Even though the record was the same as last year, the team played much better. I watched just about every game. The team was more disciplined, more prepared, and showed some potential. We had the lowest payroll in the entire team, but we weren’t the worst team. We had no real QB until the rookie came in, and we had injuries to key players all season long.

    By far the best thing though, is that the owner is letting the football people make the football decisions.