WWE officially announces the long awaited WWE Network



Ladies and gentlemen, wrestling fans of all ages, the WWE Network is finally here. We were supposed to see the debut of the network back in 2012 but the project fell face first and never picked up speed.

Today Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and a couple huge Superstars who put this company on the map, have come together to make the huge announcement. Now I’m typing this while the press conference is still going on. So I’m going to let you in on what the features will be.

First up, is that the WWE Network will launch on all electronic devices, desktop and laptop computers. Now this will get the company more money without people having to hassle their cable/satellite TV providers. Anybody who has an Android/Droid/iPhone/Laptop/Desktop will be able to sign up for the WWE Network for only $9.99 a month. It was revealed that it will include WWE NXT, 24/7 streaming shows from WCW/WWE and even the ECW.

It will also launch for PS3/PS4, XBox 360/One.

Also, LIVE pay per views will be streamed on the network. From what I understand, if you pay the $9.99 then you get to watch the pay per view that’s featured that month.

Another key show will be WWE Legends House which will include eight WWE legends living under one roof. Which should be like Big Brother/Survivor/The Real World. Just full of familiar faces we were used to seeing growing up. Another show called ‘WrestleMania Rewind’ will feature Superstars talking about key matches in WrestleMania history. Including the ones who have been involved in the greatest Sports Entertainment show on the planet.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels come out and help Stephanie introduce ‘WWE CountDown’. The show will be a one hour program which will allow viewers to talk about and vote on certain topics of discussion.

Just like WWE 24/7, the WWE Network will have episodes from the WWE/WCW Monday Night War(s).  It’s nothing that new if you’re familiar with WWE 24/7 because of the monthly episodes that they would add. This time around they’ll have exclusive interviews with men who were involved in that battle for so long.

Now Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out and talks about the WWE Attitude Era. We all know that Steve Austin was a huge part of the greatest era in professional wrestling history. He claims that we get to relive the era uncut and uncensored. I have a feeling the PG label will be removed with this section of the network?

The OnDemand section will have nearly 1,000 videos in high definition. It has shown a couple WWE DVD’s being listed in the program.

They have over 300 WWE/WCW/ECW pay per views OnDemand.

There’s a six month commitment which shouldn’t be hard to agree with considering all the great things you get for only $9.99 a month. You figure that pay per views are $60 for standard and $65 for high definition.

To subscribe to WWE Network you go to WWE.com, create an account if you haven’t had one yet. You can also sign in with any of your social media accounts. Once you buy the WWE Network, you can watch it on any device under your account.

You can also stream programming on multiple devices, exactly like Netflix. You have the option to watch from the beginning from any program you missed.

WWE Network will launch right after RAW on February 24th, 2014 at 11:00 PM Eastern. Which is 47 days away.

Just in time for everybody who subscribes to the WWE Network to catch WWE WrestleMania 30 LIVE!

This looks absolutely to good to be true. I can’t wait for the launch and I know for a fact I’ll be throwing them $9.99 per month.

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