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Lakers continue to lose, but Mike D’Antoni is joking about it

The Lakers are on track to be in the lottery this off-season. It is honestly the best thing for them, but it is still strange to see the Lakers struggle like they have this season.

After Wednesday night’s loss to the Rockets, the Lakers fell to 14-22, and are now eight games out of the final playoff spot in the West. They are battling injuries, and even if fully healthy, they probably weren’t getting far with this roster. So how is head coach Mike D’Antoni handling the nightmare season? With humor, or so it seems:

D’Antoni is a funny guy, and I actually like the way he’s handling this. It could be easy to sulk and call guys out, but he is taking a different approach, and it also shows that he is living in reality. He is a good coach, and this team probably wouldn’t have 14 wins if it wasn’t for his system, which lends itself to players who have struggled in their careers.

This will likely be a gloomy season for the Lakers, but things should turn around after this season if they can get a good pick. If this whole coaching thing doesn’t workout, then D’Antoni could have a shot as the first basketball-themed stand up comedian.

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  • Marty Susman

    You think Mike is a good coach, I can tell you flat out if they expect to get super stars in free agency it had better not be Mike as coach or those super stars won’t come.