Oct 27, 2013; Foxborough, MA, USA; The Miami Dolphins logo is seen on their helmet before their game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

NFL teams deem Miami Dolphins toxic, would advise employees against taking jobs

One of the more interesting teams int he NFL to watch, at least form a behind-the-scenes perspectives, is the Miami Dolphins. From their total and utter collapse this season, to the bad front office moves they’ve made to the pure dysfunction decaying the organization, the team is a mess and a lot of people notice that.

So many people notice it that National Football Post’s Jason Cole says that multiple NFL sources have told him they would advise those close to them against taking any jobs anywhere near the Miami Dolphins. No one has come out and said the situation is toxic, but that’s the definition of a toxic situation and Cole notes his sources say the Miami power structure is set up to fail.

It’s not surprising that a team would advise it’s current employees against leaving for another team, but this seems to be a different situation entirely. The sources aren’t saying don’t take the jobs because he want you, they’re saying don’t take the jobs in Miami because we aren’t savages who feed innocent people to hungry lions.

The situation in Miami has been bad for years, and the firing of Jeff Ireland won’t change much. The Dolphins have decapitated their integrity and reputation  and buried it in the Florida swamplands, and it will be a long time before anyone finds either.

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  • JackThe Ripper

    Josh, once again the media jumps on the “toxic” miami dolphins coaching story. Seems like a rehash of years past. This is not even a legitimate story. Lets get somethings straight: Any job in the NFL is a gift and there are not that many to choose from. The fact that some so called analysts claim that no-one will touch the dolphins is ludocrous. Even if it were true doesn’t matter, we need one GM that can draft and there are plenty to choose from. As far as OC there are many up and coming willing.

    Funny this story never comes up pertaining to the Browns, Jaguars, Jets, Bills, or any other mediocre to sucky team. This sounds to me like another weak attempt by some New York reporters
    trying to convince others so our up and coming dolphins don’t stomp your teams *ss. The only ting toxic is your story. Whatever, we will do just fine.

    • DragonFly34

      Dude, stop and smell the roses. As a Dolfan since 65 I can say without flavor the past 10 yrs of Dolphins football has been the pits, bottom of the barrel. From front officer to talent evaluators or lack there of. Now we have DawnHoeJoe at the “whitehead” on the pimple that once was my beloved Dolphins. And Ross has no clue what do do or where to do it. Ross is not a football person he bought the Dolphins to rub shoulders with the good ole boys and now has a toxic franchise thats the laughing stock of the NFL. What respected, young, aggressive GM would dare sign a contract with DawnhoeJoe?

      • Steve

        A lot of them would take this job. You are not a true Dolfan!!

  • JackThe Ripper


  • Shakti96

    I don’t agree at all that the Dolphins are toxic. They were a game away from the playoffs & lost the last two to teams they should have beat.
    I like Philbin and he will get better too.
    They will find a good guy to buy the groceries and I have faith the two will get along fine.
    The only thing that really upsets me about this organization is that they don’t ask for input from the Hall of Famers associated with them!!!

  • Fraz Glencross

    “The Dolphins have decapitated their integrity and reputation and
    buried it in the Florida swamplands, and it will be a long time before
    anyone finds either.”

    What a load of melodramatic crap. As another poster said, you dont hear this stuff about the jags, bills, jets or Browns. Even if you did its still tripe. There will be no shortage of applicants for either the OC or GM. What team do you support Josh?