Former WWE Diva Kaitlyn

WWE and Celeste Bonin aka Kaitlyn have officially parted ways

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The WWE as we all know is a business just like any other sport. Yes, professional wrestling is not only entertainment, but a sport. These are some of the greatest athletes on the planet on one roster.

It doesn’t matter if they’re former college or professional football players, mixed martial arts fighters or boxers. Everybody on this roster is considered a professional athlete. Not just anybody is able to step in this ring and do what they do on the schedule they do it on.

Kaitlyn is a former fitness model.

There is no off-season, but wrestlers either take time off or part ways with the company. Now there’s a difference when the company decides to part ways with you, but there have been a couple times where a Superstar asks for their release so they can pursue another profession.

That’s exactly what former NXT winner/WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn aka Celeste Bonin has decided to do. The announcement was made yesterday on the WWE website and Twitter page that Kaitlyn was no longer under contract with the company.

A little upsetting considering she was my favorite Diva on the roster and she was (no offence to the other ladies on the roster) one heck of a wrestler.

She was recently engaged and will more than likely have a family at some point. So it’s understandable that she walked away from the company before she was too heavily involved with the schedule.

Kailyn’s last match was against her best friend A.J. Lee, who is currently the WWE Divas Champion.

You can see at the end of the match that they do have a bit of a moment, but have to play it off for television so it doesn’t take away from A.J. Lee’s on screen character. Kaitlyn’s buddy Big E. Langston even sent out a Tweet.

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