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Detroit Lions punter, and David Arquette, predict they'll win the Super Bowl next year (Video)

Detroit Lions punter Sam Martin was hitting the bars with actor David Arquette when they encountered some TMZ photogs. The cameraman then asks Arquette if he likes football. Arquette and Martin laugh as Arquette points at Martin with a facial expression that is part confused, part “are you dumb?”

Martin and Arquette kind of laugh at how stupid he is for a bit as they walk down the street. The cameraman keeps asking who is going to “be in the Super Bowl.”

They both turn and yell the Detroit Lions, who aren’t in the playoffs this year. Arquette turns to the camera and gets up all in it and says “Detroit Lions next year, they’re going to win. I will bet TMZ $500 right now.”

Arquette then points to Martin and says he’ll kick the “winning f***ing field goal.” Martin corrects him and says he’ll kick the game winning punt.

As far as I know it’d be the first game-winning punt.

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