December 21, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike D

Lakers GM 'happy' with Mike D'Antoni

This is a challenging time for the Los Angeles Lakers. They are 14-22 on the season, and have now lost nine of their last ten games. They have been ravaged by injuries, have dealt with trade rumors, and the talent level just isn’t that high overall.

Mike D’Antoni has actually got these guys to play hard and smart, and he should get the credit for their 14 wins. Many fans don’t realize the mind and accolades that their coach has, and they want him fired. According to what Lakers’ GM Mitch Kupchak told the Los Angeles Times, it looks like he isn’t going anywhere soon:

We’re happy with Mike. You can look back six weeks ago and say it’s exciting and we’re playing great. It’s hard to ignore the injuries but it was a fun game to watch when we were playing without Kobe [Bryant] and anticipating his return. In other words, ‘Wow, we’re playing this well now and Kobe has still yet to return and neither has [Steve] Nash?’ So we had high hopes.

Kupchak is right here, and the Lakers are in a tough spot. If they fire D’Antoni right now, he will be unfairly fired. If they feel that he isn’t the coach to usher in their new era, then they should let him go soon. Either way, the Lakers will look bad. We will see how the future of this franchise plays out, but it looks like doom and gloom at the moment.


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