Jan 7, 2014; Memphis, TN, USA; San Antonio Spurs power forward Jeff Ayres (11) during the game against the Memphis Grizzlies at FedExForum. the San Antonio Spurs beat the Memphis Grizzlies 110 - 108 Mandatory Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Rumors: San Antonio Spurs ‘unusually aggressive’ in trade market

The end is likely nearing for the San Antonio Spurs as both Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili are playing out the last few seasons of their careers.

Knowing that they’re on borrowed time essentially, the Spurs are looking to put together one last run and according to CBS Sports they’ve been ‘unusually aggressive’ in the trade market because of it:

We’ve been predicting the Spurs’ last hurrah for years, but this time it might really be the end of the road. The Spurs have been unusually aggressive trying to upgrade their roster in the trade market, a signal to rival execs that Gregg Popovich and R.C. Buford realize this might be the final shot at a title with the triumvirate of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili.

Of course, the Spurs are currently the best team in the NBA’s Western Conference (and just percentage points behind the Indiana Pacers for best in the league) – and this is with sitting players like Duncan and Ginobili every so often to maintain health.

Talk about a nice luxury.

No players have been linked to the Spurs specifically though it appears they’re doing what they can in hopes of adding an additional piece or two for the playoff stretch.

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  • edgargn_1218

    It´d be nice if they traded for Kevin Love. Splitter, Bonner, De Colo and Joseph and a 1st round pick.

    • Richard Sin Deluna Jr.

      Might as well offer Danny Green for Lebron. Smh

  • Carol Fox-Good

    Kevin Love please!

  • Titletown99030507d

    Splitter is one of the leagues top defender in the post and can create opportunities scoring not only for himself but for others on court. This is exactly what the Spurs want for them. Although Love being more of scorer can he give the Spurs some of the the things Splitter brings especially suited for this system? Besides we have tons of scorers. I think the Spurs are looking for someone to step in for Manu and Marco or Danny in case one of those go down again. Im good with Splitter. That was a freak injury. He actually went 81 games without injury last season. Plus hes playing harder and smarter than hes ever been. He was starting to elevate his game right before he got injured. Besides IMO Love seemed to be a better player when he was heavier. He didnt impress against the Spurs.
    Ill take Jodie Meeks for cory J.