AFC Divisional Round 2014: New England Patriots give up safety on terrible play (GIF)


Usually, the New England Patriots run an extremely tight ship that sees the team make very few mistakes that result in even fewer breaks for their opponents. But even Bill Belichick’s team isn’t immune to boneheaded mistakes, and one of those boneheaded mistakes came in the worst of times Saturday night.

On a fourth down punt, Patriots punter Ryan Allen mishandled a high snap and watched the ball fly over his head and settle at the Patriots own goal line. But rather than fall on the ball like any normal, terrified person would do, Allen tried to lateral it forward. You can already tell this doesn’t end well but it could have been worse.


Allen’s failed lateral was spiked back at him and out of the back of the endzone resulting in a safety. So rather than force the Colts to score and eat up clock, Allen gave Indianapolis a free two point play with an option for seven more right away.

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