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Alex Rodriguez suspended for 2014 season and postseason

The arbitrator in the Alex Rodriguez case has handed down his decision.

Rodriguez will be suspended for the entire 2014 regular season and postseason. Per Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports:

In many ways MLB’s case wasn’t that strong when they initially suspended him for 211 games. As such, to still get a full season seems to be a win for them, as multiple writers have noted in their reactions to the news.

While MLB celebrates loudly, it might be the New York Yankees who are celebrating a bit more quietly. They will not be saddled with A-Rod’s contract or his drama as they try to get back on track in 2014.

As for A-Rod, his camp has issued the following statement:

For a time, it actually looked like A-Rod might have a case that the deck was stacked against him unfairly. But with this decision, those cries will be nothing more than whimpers. An appeal in a courtroom is still a remedy available to A-Rod if he wants to pursue it, but his odds of the arbitrator being overruled there are not good.

For now, it looks like A-Rod will finally have to go away, at least for one year.

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