Oct 10, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) makes a pass against the New York Giants during the second half at Soldier Field. The Bears beat the Giants 27-21. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Former Chicago Bears GM Jerry Angelo weighs in on Jay Cutler extension

The Chicago Bears didn’t wait too long into the offseason to answer the franchise’s biggest question following Mark Trestman’s first season as head coach of the Bears when the club locked up quarterback Jay Cutler to a  seven-year extension worth up to $126 million.

Whenever a deal of this magnitude is signed and by such a polarizing player like Cutler there are bound to be a number of critics who rail against the years and/or dollar amount and a number of fans of the deal who believed the Bears had no choice but to lock up the all-time passing leader for the Bears.

Count former Bears general manager Jerry Angelo who also traded for Cutler among those who are in the camp of his successor Phil Emery who thinks this was a necessary move.

Angelo wrote. “He got paid in line with the other quarterbacks that got paid recently. That’s the number. You either pay or you don’t. Don’t be fooled: Some other team would have given the same money or more, because there would have been a bidding war.

“Teams like the Browns, Raiders, Buccaneers, Texans, Titans, Jaguars, Jets, Cardinals would have been potential suitors. The reality — what are your options? The value of what he does can’t be underscored. It’s rarer than a starting, 95 mph left-handed pitcher or a seven-foot center who can score.”

For some Bears fans the thought that Angelo agrees with this move will give them validation that Cutler should not have been resigned, but he’s a Bear for at least the next three seasons where he has a guaranteed $54 million coming his way.

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  • Thompson Way

    I like the contract. I gives Emery three years to find someone better. And, if they do find someone next year, this person would be on their rookie contract for the same amount of time.

  • Jeremiah Collins

    I was hoping it was part of a sign and trade. A package to Cleveland, along with Brandon Marshall, for those picks they have.

    • Liquid Wolverine

      Why would anyone give up the best WR duo in the league? Why get rid of Cutler if he is finally in a system he can grow in, Bears were the 2nd highest scoring team in the league this year.
      If you get rid of Cutler and Marshall, you are pretty much rebuilding the offense again, when the Bears main focus is defense right now.

      • Jeremiah Collins

        Cutler has to many fans under his shallow Hal spell… I’m a born and bred Chicago bears fan. Parting ways with these divas would give us the opportunity to NE the nfc, and still compete at a high level with Cleveland s picks and our own. Imagine the resurgence of our squad with high end talent, fused with youth and ability. Hungry for the game, instead of riddled with injuries. It’s a business decision, not a personal one… Honestly, if Cleveland was willing to part with their first rounders, and maybe one of their second, you wouldn’t make that move. Those picks would be huge bargaining chips with teams for draftpicks for years to come.

        • Liquid Wolverine

          Marshall has been humbled and learned the value of teaching young WRs the art of playing wideout. He leads the league in blocking at his position, which shows his willingness to help the team. That is not someone you hand over to another team for unproven draft pics.

    • Liquid Wolverine

      Unless you are a Browns fan, then I would understand why you would want that.

  • metalhead65

    the bears had no choice unless you are willing to gamble that a guy who had been a bust his whole career was suddenly worth handing the starting job to based on the 6 games he started this year. face it McCown did what he was paid to do and that was be a good back up something the bears have not had since Cutler has been here. and as bad as you say Cutler is what was the bears record without him before this year? so you were willing to go with a new starter learning the system to go along with a defense being rebuilt at the same time? yeah that would have turned out well. the bears would be fighting for the top spot in the 2015 draft if they went that route.

    • Jeremiah Collins

      Cutler is learning the system too… If you look at his 2006 scouting profile, what has changed… He was damaged goods then, and still is today…. Nothing has changed… So if a team, specifically one with high draft picks was willing to pull the trigger of their picks in the two roundsfor two divas, injury prone, you wouldn’t…. Feelings aside, patriots traded top notch player s for picks all the time… Where have they been the last decade… In the playoffs… A total rebuild is necessary… last bears super bowl…. Enough said…

      • metalhead65

        so last years offense was not good enough for you? emery rebuilt that offense in 1 season and will spend this season working on the defense to go along with the pieces he drafted last year and who got playing time and experience this year. a total rebuild is already under way but you apparently think it can happen all at once. as for Cutler he already knows more about the system than bringing in somebody new will. this is not fantasy football and nobody is going to give up the picks the bears would need to blow up the franchise and start over. if the team could have tackled anybody this year they would have won 3 more games and been in the playoffs they are not as far away as you think.