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MLB Hall of Fame: Peter Gammons proposes 'panel of experts' to fix voting process

When it comes to baseball reporting and baseball writing, Peter Gammons is the best there is. He is the greatest of all time. So when Gammons offers a solution to the Hall of Fame voting process, we should all take a break from the noise about Dan LeBatard, Ken Gurnick, Murray Chass, and anybody else who makes us mad and just listen.

Over at GammonsDaily, Gammons wonders about a ‘panel of experts’ that would hold a ‘weekend think tank’ about who should be elected:

But rather than screaming, why not allow Jeff Idelson and Jack O’Connell to assemble a panel of experts from a number of sides, experts who genuinely care about the game and respect the important institution that is The Hall, and have a weekend think-tank. Not a righteous candlelight service. A thought process…

…It can be a board or ten, it can be twenty, people who understand what it means to those men who are inducted as they sit on the porch and look out at the lake, people who legitimately care that as best as possible, the right people are elected.”

Gammons also makes sure to emphasize that civility and respect would be essential for this plan to work out. This may or may not be a feasible solution, but it is nice to see such a well-known baseball writer channel his frustration about the voting process into a thoughtful suggestion.

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