April 26, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; General manager Phil Emery during a Chicago Bears press conference announcing their first-round selection of guard Kyle Long from Oregon University at Halas Hall. Mandatory Credit: Reid Compton-USA TODAY Sports

Report: ‘I love the job Phil Emery has done in Chicago’

The life of a general manager in the NFL is one met with very little praise and a heaping helpful of criticism from fans and media who decry every waking move he makes.

From draft picks to free agent signings to coaching hires to what he eats for breakfast, but you can count Matt Miller among the fans of Chicago Bears general manger Phil Emery who just finished his second season on the job.

“This may be a week late, but I love the job Phil Emery has done in Chicago. Outside of a questionable first-round pick of Shea McClellin, Emery has hit on draft picks, free-agent signings and the hiring of head coach Marc Trestman. The Bears are in very good hands.”

The verdict in Chicago, however, is split at best after an 8-8 season in Emery’s first season.

Emery has done well in building the Bears woeful offensive line with the signings of Jermon Bushrod and Matt Slauson and the drafting of Kyle Long in the first round and Jordan Mills in the fifth round.

He hit a home run when he traded up in the second round to draft Alshon Jeffery, but the jury is out on his defensive selections Jon Bostic, Khaseem Green, and McClellin.

Is he a guy who can only draft offense and not defense?

The 2014 NFL draft will be vital for Emery as the Bears need to address an aging defense with a couple Pro-Bowlers pending free agents and a high salary cap figure for Julius Peppers potentially leading to him being a cap casualty.

Ultimately his success will be based on the success of Trestman and Cutler who are now ties at the hip after the seven-year deal Cutler signed shortly after the Bears lost to the Green Bay Packers and dropped Cutler’s record vs. Green Bay to 1-8.

If Cutler lives up to the contract, then the Bears will be successful and therefore Trestman is as well, but if he continues to be prone to injury and can’t beat Green Bay, then the Bears and Emery may have to revisit their relationship.

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  • Thompson Way

    I agree with the Emery sentiment but I wonder when we can start to judge his draft picks. Sometimes draft picks don’t show their true color for a couple seasons. I would like to have the Shea pick over again, but Bostic might still turn out to be good. In the end, I love how Emery tells us everything. Trust in Emery.

  • homerfree

    Emery is doing a admirable job so for but it will be short lived if he doesnt draft the right guys to fix this defense and that includes his first decision re: tucker and the 3-4 defense. relocating shea etc..

    • http://www.rantsports.com/blog/author/patrickschmidt/feed/ Patrick Schmidt

      I’m a bit confused, are you saying you think Tucker should be fired and the Bears should move to a 3-4 defense?

  • homerfree

    advice to Emery “do not draft Jernigan from FSU.

    • http://www.rantsports.com/blog/author/patrickschmidt/feed/ Patrick Schmidt

      Why don’t you like Jernigan?

  • metalhead65

    he has already done more in a year than angelo did in the entire time he was in Chicago. thanks to him the Bears have a NFL caliber offense that can compete with the rest of the league. rebuilding the defense will be tougher but I have faith he can do it. nobody could foresee all the injuries the bears defense would have this year but the rookies he drafted got allot of playing time and experience because of it. next season will be the test to see if bostic and the others are good picks or not. you can’t really judge them on their rookie year. he will be able to manage the cap just as he did last year to sign the free agents on offense and the rookies. and can we please stop blaming Cutler for all the losses to the packers? especially the last game? really it was his fault the defense stood around while the packers ran in a fumble for a td? it was his fault the packers went 4-4 on fourth down on their last drive making sure the only play he had was a hail mary? and remember he had no help on offense until marshall got here. hard to win games when you are running for your life and the big play on offense is screen pass to your kick returner on third down.