Jul 26, 2013; Davie, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman (right) talks with head coach Joe Philbin. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Report: Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin nearly quit before being forced to fire Mike Sherman

Joe Philbin and Mike Sherman are so close that long before Philbin hired Sherman to run the offense for the Miami Dolphins in one of the first moves as a head coach Sherman was one of Philbin’s high school teachers.

When the Dolphins missed out on the playoffs, the club was forced to shake up its coaching staff, including firing Sherman which almost caused an even bigger rift in Miami, according to Dan Pompei.

“Anyone who knows Philbin knows how much it hurt him to fire his dear friend Mike Sherman. In fact, we hear Philbin nearly pulled a Mike Munchak and fell on the sword himself. Sherman, though, convinced him to stay with this logic: If Philbin had quit, he would have cost every other assistant on the staff his job as well. This way, only Sherman lost a job.”

Munchak was fired last week by the Tennessee Titans after he refused to make changes to his coaching staff after missing the postseason for a third straight season under his watch.

Philbin did keep his job, but Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland did not, so Philbin gets a new lease with the Dolphins, even if it is for only one more year before a new GM brings in his guy.

Nevertheless this was a noble gesture by Philbin to “fall on the sword” and I wonder how many other head coaches would be willing to do such a thing–besides Munchak that is.

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  • gvc

    Wow is this gossip or a fact

    • http://www.rantsports.com/blog/author/patrickschmidt/feed/ Patrick Schmidt

      It’s fact according to Hall of Fame writer Dan Pompei

      • gvc

        Well I don’t know who that is but my best childhood friend Kevin Coyle the defensive for the miami dolphins and he never mention that. I’ll take that over some obscure writer never heard of. and I read everything

        • http://www.rantsports.com/blog/author/patrickschmidt/feed/ Patrick Schmidt

          You don’t read everything because if you did you would know who this Hall of Fame writer is. He’s on TV too. That’s not the definition of obscure. Just because you never heard of them doesn’t mean that person’s work is discredited.

          • Mikey7a

            I just hope it was Sherman, who used the GO/Go Go system. I pray that either Tanny, nor Pouncey, were so stupid, that these were the only two viable choices to run a play!

  • Lewis Byrd

    all the bums should go. from Sherman, on down to tannahill. I,ve been saying it half the season. all are bums.if you don,t fire them all, we,ll be the same next year

  • howard

    Why is it noble to fall on his sword? Philbin’s allegiance should be to the Miami Dolphins and if he isn’t clear headed to know that Sherman is not cutting it then Philbin should take a hike also. This is called Nepotism and it breeds mediocrity, is anyone surprised. Here’s a thought, hire the most qualified people and not your buddies!

  • Captcrush

    I believe Ireland got plowed under by the fans in South Florida. If an owner or a administration can’t give a coach three years to turn a team around, they will forever be doomed to chaos. I hope Philbin gets the Phins to the playoffs next season but it’s going to require help in the offensive line and a stud “two yards and a cloud of dust” type of back. It seems that every time we had two or three yards to go we failed. Go Phins!

  • Tim Martinez

    too bad he didn’t fall on his sword… now i really dislike sherman for having him stay!!!what a tool!!

  • Roberto Zavala

    Philbin holding back on letting Sherman go, tells a lot on how much he believed in his philosophy. That is no bueno. A man that does not put it’s pride aside, adapt and be creative for the team’s best interest, is not worth it.

    That is an issue I have with hiring an almost Medicare eligible man as a HC. It’s very hard to change the philosophy and ways of doing things, when the tough gets bad.

  • Miguel

    Somebody please get this video link (below) to the Dolphins’ brass!

    Teams that win have the guts to go for the win. The worst version of not doing what it takes to win, was the Sparano play-calling (1st and goal resulted in 3 dive plays followed by a field goal). Too often Miami has dominated the game but settled for field goals (held the ball for over 45 minutes against Peyton Manning’s Colts and lost!)…This year’s Dolphins was almost as bad. The Dolphins were so in control of the first Pats game this year and lost. Same for the Raven’s game, etc., etc.

    Nick Sabin told a story about going for it (last year I think) on 4th down and failing, and thinking “I just lost this game.” His team responded by trouncing the opposition the rest of the way, and telling him after the game “it was because you went for it…that you would do anything it takes to win…that we responded that way. That 4th down call won the game for us.” As much as I hate Belichick (he may be Satan), he made the right call going for it on 4th down from about their own 30 against Peyton Manning with a (3 point?) lead a couple of years back. They failed, and Manning won the game. Everyone crushed him for the decision, but if he had made it (and you WANT your team thinking they will make it!), they could have run out the clock and not given Manning the chance to win it.

    A friend just showed me a video (I know it’s high school and the numbers are different for pro offenses and defenses) about a high school coach who never punts. It’s not just bravado. He has looked at statistical studies (done by a big-time college professor over 3 years) of how often the opposition scores based on field position (he even goes for it on his on 7 yard line on 4th and 5), and concludes that NEVER punting is the right choice, until the game has been decided and it makes sense to be more conventional. Great video!

    I would love to see Miami’s offense go for the jugular, and not just hope that the other team can’t score.

  • Justin Hicks

    sorry bud your completely full of crap. Where’s the facts? All this guy said is he hears that philbin was gonna fall on the sword for Sherman. None of this is fact, I find it comical that all these commenters buy into this crap, neither of these writers are even from Miami. They are from Chicago, so please tell me where this insider information is? Who’s your source? All you wannabe sports writers are the some make up bullshit then say information was received from a source close to this person or that person. Its all a load of crap. Your just a lowlife POS that has to piggyback off of another writers opinion to write your own article. That is just so sad.