Dec 1, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide defensive coordinator Kirby Smart celebrates winning the 2012 SEC Championship game against the Georgia Bulldogs at the Georgia Dome. Alabama won 32-28. Mandatory Credit: Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

College Football Rumors: Georgia to make run at Alabama DC Kirby Smart

The Georgia Bulldogs have an opening at defensive coordinator with Todd Grantham leaving to take the same position on Bobby Petrino’s staff with the Louisville Cardinals, and the top target for Mark Richt could be Alabama defensive coordinator and former Georgia defensive back Kirby Smart.

Smart played for Georgia form 1995-1999 and his first coaching job came with the Bulldogs in 1999 and later served as the team’s running back’s coach in 2005 before joining Nick Saban’s staff with the Miami Dolphins. Smart had previously been on Saban’s staff at LSU.

Saban and Smart have been together at Alabama since 2007 and has had opportunities to get out from under Saban’s prodigious shadow in the past with speculation he could be the successor to Saban when he retires.

However, could Saban’s new multi-year extension give Smart reason to think his time as a head coach is further away than he originally had hoped?

Smart could view the job at Georgia as an opportunity to show he is more than an extension of Saban all the while doing so at his alma mater where he may have an opportunity to succeed Richt sooner than he ever could potentially succeed Saban.

Richt’s future has been a hot topic in Athens in recent years with the thought he may retire sooner rather than later, so if Georgia offered Smart the job of defensive coordinator and head coach in waiting that could be the sweetener Smart needs to make the move form Alabama to Georgia.

Alabama rewarded Smart handsomely with $1.28 million this season to make him the highest paid defensive coordinator in college football, so he wouldn’t be making the jump from the SEC west to the SEC east for a pay grab, but rather a new challenge and the lure of returning home.

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  • Teresa Bynum

    Kirby ant going any were he knows his time is coming to take the wheel at alabama an he’s not leaving nick know time soon ……roll tide !!!

    • Tony Heath

      Like y’all did with auburn and Oklahoma. Roll tears. Got a second.

      • Rusty

        Funny how all you Barners have to say is got a second. What happened in Pasadena? I’ll tell you what happened… blew it. You lost it! You ruined 8 years of SEC and 5 years of the state because you can’t pla defense. Your clever statements aren’t really that clever just another straw you try and cling to as you once in awhile get over on the REAL team in Alabama. Maybe you can BUY another championship sometime in the next half century.

        • Scott

          No what happened in Pasadena is they beat Alabama, Missouri and earned the right to be there. Alabama couldn’t even handle a mediocre Oklahoma team in the runner up bowl so what do you think FSU would have done to you? Alabama fans kill me, play a pathetic schedule then get exposed when they play real teams and still think have the pathetic arrogance to be critical of Auburn. How long does it take to beat Alabama? 1 second or Sooner

          • paul02085 .

            Who did FSU beat to win the National Championship?

      • Alabama Nation

        Yeah, we got a second. Come to Bryant Museum and we just might let you touch it!

  • Jean Allen

    Paul Finebaum is an idiot. We shut out 3 teams this season; held 6 other teams to 10 and under.’He who stirs the pot should be made to lick the spoon.’

  • William Williams

    Why join a sinking ship at Gawga? Richt is about as dependable as Arron Murray!

  • Alabama Nation

    Smart is not about to make a lateral move. Not going to happen.

  • Brian Eustice

    Surprised Finebaum took that angle. I know Alabama’s continued dominance is not great for ratings, but fall guy? We lose 1-2 games a year. Smart is the heir apparent. Don’t be silly to make your bosses happy/optimistic about ratings.

    • Scott

      If Smart is so qualified for a HC position why is it that no one has picked him up in the numerous head coaching positions that have come up? He wanted Ole Miss and they wouldn’t even interview him

  • paul02085 .

    LOL, Georgia? nuff said

  • paul02085 .

    As stated…. UGA? NO WAY. Congrats on Pruitt. Hope he is better than Grantham whom was supposed to be so great LOL.