Courtesy: @xmasape

Philip Rivers is wearing his good luck bolo tie again (Photo)

Last week, the San Diego Chargers came back to beat the Cincinnati Bengals in improbable fashion, and the credit went not to Philip Rivers or the great defense, it went to an inanimate object like it usually does. Just like Popeyes chicken was given credit for the Saints beating the Eagles, Rivers’ bolo tie got all the credit for the win.

Naturally, the Chargers quarterback is sporting the tie yet again ahead of his team’s showdown with the Denver Broncos on Sunday afternoon.

The bolo tie has very little to do with Rivers’ success as he doesn’t even wear it during the game. It’s a phenomenon in San Diego though, but if the Chargers want to beat the Broncos and continue this improbable Super Bowl run, they should focus more on Rivers and his 6-2 road record against Denver and less on the bolo tie.

Still, if the Chargers win today in Denver — which is very possible — the bolo tie phenomenon will only grow. NFL fans love these types of quirks to story lines in the postseason, which means if the Chargers make it to the Super Bowl, that bolo tie crazes is only going to get more and more popular among Chargers fans.

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