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Tampa Bay Rays ace David Price addresses trade rumors

It’s remarkable how amicable the dynamic is between David Price and the Tampa Bay Rays. They both understand that the team is likely to trade the ace eventually; they just don’t know when that will occur. In the meantime both sides appear to be at peace and prepared to work together to help the Rays win.

Somehow there are no distractions despite rumors about a potential franchise-altering trade and a mutual understanding that there will come a time soon when Price will not be with the Rays. Both sides deserve credit for that.

Price recently addressed the trade rumors. He had the following to say about the situation (quotes from Tom Kreager of the Murfreesboro Daily News Journal):

“There is still a little bit more offseason leftI’m sure things will pick up more once (Japanese ace Masahiro) Tanaka signs…My mindset is that I’m going to be a Ray next year. We’re heading back down to Tampa next week so I can be in that environment again…

…It’s out of my control. There is no need for me to put too much thought to it day in and day out.

It’s out of my hands. I have no say in it. I’m sitting back and preparing to play baseball. No matter where I am, in Tampa or somewhere else, it’s still the game I’ve always played.”

Price is under team control through 2015, so the Rays have time to maneuver and determine the best course of action with the pitcher. In the meantime, both sides are perfectly comfortable moving forward with him as their ace.

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