WWE legend Jake 'The Snake' Roberts comments on CM Punk


WWE Old School ended with a bit of a surprise last week as Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts made his way down the isle and towards that squared circle for the first time in a very long time.

I figured he wouldn’t show up to the event because of a Tweet he sent out a couple days before the event. He posted on Twitter that the company did not contact him about making an appearance on the night where legends would be on television once again.

The man with the cleanest DDT in professional wrestling wasn’t alone when he entered the ring. He brought his old friend ‘Damien’ with him. It’s not the same snake, but whatever. Anyways, CM Punk and the New Age Outlaws took care of the rest of The Shield, leaving Dean Ambrose in the middle of the ring after a Go To Sleep from Punk.

Punk stepped back allowing Roberts to take the spotlight and the crowd who happened to be old enough, gave him a bit of a pop.

Now after the event, Roberts was interviewed by WWE.com. He was asked about how he felt when he stepped through the ropes and that’s when he commented on CM Punk.

” I appreciate CM Punk so much more now than I ever have. He kneeled down over at the side, got completely out of the picture and allowed me to have that moment. It was incredible. It shows people what a true professional he is. He really raised himself up on my list of people that I respect. He didn’t have to do that. I’m the old fart who screwed up what I had. To be allowed to come back to WWE is the greatest gift that’s ever been given to me. Back in the day, I never appreciated what WWE had given me, because I was in too much disarray and too confused about my own life. I let opportunities foolishly slip through my hands. To be given this opportunity to come back and grab a small piece of what was, that’s very special.” Roberts told WWE.com

You can read WWE’s full interview with Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts by clicking here.

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