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Former Cowboy Josh Brent’s attorney says he wasn’t drunk

Former Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent’s jury trial began this week. Brent is being charged with intoxication manslaughter stemming from a December 2012 car crash that resulted in death of his friend and former college teammate, Jerry Brown.

Brent’s attorney, George Milner, said in his opening remarks that Brent wasn’t drunk.

From the Associated Press:

Former Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent wasn’t drunk, as police contend, when he wrecked his Mercedes in a crash that killed a teammate, Brent’s lawyer told jurors Monday during his opening statement at Brent’s trial.

Milner’s point is that the car crash could’ve affected Brent’s performance in the field sobriety tests. In the dash cam video Brent is heard saying “I’ve had a reasonable amount.”

Milner also said that after a crash of that severity ”nobody’s going to be able to do the tricks on the side of the road.”

Prosecutor Heath Harris disagreed, saying receipts will show that Brent had been drinking.

”This is not a difficult case, ladies and gentlemen,” Harris said. ”There will be no disputing the fact that he was drinking that night.”

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  • Scott.

    In texas if there’s suspicion of alcohol involed in a motor vehicle death (intoxication manslaughter) blood is taken from the actor or at fault person. I haven’t done much research on it but I believe they took his blood and the results indicated he was almost two times the legal limit. As for the defense attorney saying injuries caused him to fail any sobriety test, well that’s what defense attorneys do. First blame cops, then the prosecutors then attack cops again and try to make the cops look worse than their client.