Oct 3, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Braves center fielder Jason Heyward (22) in the dugout prior to game one of the National League divisional series playoff baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Turner Field. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Rumors: Braves may have trouble signing Jason Heyward to contract extension

The Atlanta Braves are stocked with young talent – young talent that will eventually be in need of new contracts.
Andrelton Simmons, Freddie Freeman and Craig Kimbrel all fit that list as does outfielder Jason Heyward, but according to David O’Brien, the Braves may struggle to find a middle ground with Heyward moving forward:

And now with Heyward only two years from free agency, might be especially tough to get him to take anything less — in exchange for security — than the amount he believes he’ll get as a free agent. Because now the security doesn’t mean as much, with only two years till free agency, as it would’ve meant a year or two ago, which is the point where teams generally sign their young stars to long-terms deals that buy out some free agency.

Teams often are able to secure their talented youth with early deals that buy out arbitration eligible years and provide a financial security. In exchange, the teams are able to get a ‘friendly’ deal and are often able to retain a player for ‘cheap’ (all things considered) during what would normally be their first few years of free agency.

But with Heyward, the Braves didn’t opt to do such and now it may cost them in the end.

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  • brian039

    The problem with Heyward is that he hasn’t really earned a good contract yet. I’ve always thought he had talent but he’s well into his career and hasn’t had a bust-out year yet, all of the other youngsters on the team have.

  • rick staley

    if you dont trade J-Hey & pieces this year before trade deadline for a substantial return (big piece as in ace), ride the next 2 years all out to win a championship. Then, offer him arbitration to at least guarantee a draft pick when he walks…he will.