Jan 11, 2014; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (25) celebrates after the 2013 NFC divisional playoff football game against the New Orleans Saints at CenturyLink Field. The Seahawks defeated the Saints 23-15. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NFL playoffs power rankings: Ranking the final four teams

The divisional round of the NFL Playoffs is in the books, which means we are down to the final four teams fighting it out for a shot in the Super Bowl. On the NFC side, we have the Seattle Seahawks taking on the division rival San Francisco 49ers, while the AFC features another edition of the Manning-Brady Bowl when the New England Patriots travel to Mile High to face the Denver Broncos.

Those are two exciting match ups to bring an end to the postseason and set up our Super Bowl match up, but how do the final four teams stack up against each other?

Here is a look at how the power rankings for the remaining playoff teams:

1. seahawks Seattle Seahawks 

2. broncos Denver Broncos 

3. 49ers San Francisco 49ers 

4. patriots New England Patriots

Both conference championships are set to take place next Sunday, Jan. 19, with the AFC kicking off the double-header on CBS and the NFC bringing an end to the action on FOX.

Who do you think will come away victorious and clinch a spot in Super Bowl XLVIII? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts and predictions.

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  • http://sbpra.com/paulvsuffriti Paul V. Suffriti

    Pats will play the 49ers in the SB.

    • DXW

      Ugh… I can’t imagine a worse Super Bowl than Pats vs 49ers.

      I think it’ll be Denver and Seattle.

      • Bill M

        it would be a Denver vs. Seattle Game!!!

    • Goeasy0

      You sure missed that call!

  • http://yisraeltruthforum.webs.com/ ysrael

    I won’t even watch a Broncos vs Seattle Super Bowl

    • 1consernedcitiz

      yeh right…..

  • Jean-Claude Pose

    Just like the order is seen: Bronco’s ans Seattle will be on Superbowl day!

    • 1consernedcitiz

      Bronco’s n 9ers like it shoulda been last year, better late than never..

  • John Bunch

    Thank goodness the game is Sunday and we won’t have to listen and read about power rankings, games not yet played, and who The F*** will be in the Super Bowl. If the NFL allows the Seattle DB’s to mug the 49er receivers, the NFL wants Seattle in the big game. If the game is officiated with a remote level of competence, the 49ers have a fair chance.

    • Tman

      Damm 9ers still crying n complaining? Stfu already!!!

      • John Bunch

        If you know anything about the game or (perhaps) played at my level, you might understand. My analysis had no hint of crying or complaining. It was impartial. We will see if a few days zippy.

        • ComeOn1

          Dude, get over yourself. You can always fondle your dusty old Superbowl trophies after the Seahawks get their shiny new one.

          • John Bunch

            We will see Skippy. Those who have been greatly successful in this life come across as arrogant for those who have not. I don’t recall the SeaTurds winning any Super Bowl trophies. Tough to fondle something YOU AIN’T GOT HUH?

          • mobug55

            So John, you say you are impartial but refer to Seattle as the Seaturds, you are about as dishonest as they come.

          • John Bunch

            So, are you saying they are in fact Seaturds? That’s what I said.

          • mobug55

            If you are so lacking in intelligence to understand what I said I don’t see any point in wasting any more time on you

          • ComeOn1

            You don’t understand. Didn’t you read? John Bunch – “If you know anything about the game or (perhaps) played at my level, you might understand.” He is as full of himself as Napoleon Dynamite’s washed up Uncle Rico.

          • ComeOn1

            Have fun getting dreamy over old Joe Montana video cassettes, Uncle Rico, while the Seahawks beat your Niners brains in today …

          • Jesse

            seattle getting a super bowl trophy is like saying Manti Te’o has a girlfriend.

          • mylilelar

            How did that all work out for ya anyway?

    • Brian

      Wow, do you even watch the NFL? No one is handing Seattle anything. If you had done any research you would have seen that Seattle has the most penalties so officiating isn’t on their side. I’m not saying that Seattle didn’t deserve a lot of the flags but you’re one-sided view is uneducated.

      Also, the 49ers going for 6 rings is also a big story so the NFL wouldn’t purposely rig them to not make it to the Superbowl. It’s going to come down to the best team.

      • Jesse

        Do you watch the NFL? If you did then you would see the flat out holding and PIs that seattle gets away with. Read the below article…..an unbiased piece from the Wall Street Journal.


        • Tim Miller

          The winner of the 49ers vs Seahawks game will be superbowl champs. Go 9ers. This is the superbowl.

        • ComeOn1

          Forty Whiner’s already lining up their excuses

          • Jesse

            No creating excuses…just pointing out the fact that; Yes seattle does lead the league in penalties but they also break the rules more than any team in the league. Read that article…do a little research it will show you that officiating isnt on anyones side but seattle coaches their players to push the boundries of officals knowing that the NFL doesn’t want officals to throw a flag every play. So they hold 10 times but only get a flag once.

          • ComeOn1

            Maybe you and your Whiner hero Jim Harbaugh can send that Wall Street Journal article into the NFL to fix the game for you. It’s worth a try. Keep your fingers crossed, Jesse. The Niners are on a roll!

      • John Bunch

        The mugging of receivers past the line of scrimmage will either be called or it will not. When the 49ers visited Green Bay, it was a joke. I’m glad the game is tomorrow. Shut up and hike the F-ball is all I got to say.

    • Bannerdog

      I’m not concerned with the officials. I don’t think they plan to have a particular team win. I do wish this was the superbowl. Partly because it seems fitting. Partly because the loud fans, coupled with the stadium construction, gives a big advantage.

      Maybe the Niners can overcome the noise. Maybe the ‘Hawks could win at a neutral location, or even in SF.

      In a let’s-see-who’s-best game, however, it would be nice if such advantages/disadvantages were not present.

      Would I feel the same if the game was going to be played in SF?

      I admit, I’d have mixed feelings about it.

      • 1consernedcitiz

        yeh but if it was an nfc supperbowl and afc not invited you wouldn’t be allowing the best team in…

    • Darro Smith


  • Altitude5280

    A sign of the apocalypse would be New England in the Super Bowl.

  • Troy Allen

    Because NE isn’t expected to win….I bet they will….they are just so friggin scrappy

  • Troy Allen

    …it will be a little Blount Force Trauma