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Scott Boras rips MLB for only punishing players for performance-enhancing drugs

Tony Bosch, who is effectively a drug dealer, is a central part of Major League Baseball’s case against Alex Rodriguez.

It almost feels like an episode of 24 or The Wire, where the choice is between the lesser of two evils and one side gets off easy in favor of punishing the other.

MLB super-agent Scott Boras was very critical of this dynamic in a conversation with Fox Sports on Monday night. Quotes courtesy of Ken Rosenthal:

“The integrity of the game is only partially served when a known pusher is exonerated, when the genesis of this entire problem is now given a forum and compensation and is not behind bars for the distribution and promoting the use of illegal drugs not only to baseball players, but all members of the sporting community and youth…

“Until we rectify that problem we have not addressed the central issue of eradicating PEDs from professional sports. We have to have legislation; we have to have very clear authority and prosecution of these individuals.

“If these individuals go free, it promotes behavior to create processes to distribute PEDs knowing the league’s focus is on the players not on the distributors of drugs.”

Boras himself is known for some pretty shady tactics that hardly seem in the best interests of the “integrity of the game.” Having said that, his points here are well taken. Unfortunately for Boras and anybody else who would like to see the “pushers” punished, it is easier said than done. Such is the expense of building a case to actually discipline players who break the rules, at least for now.

That’s not to say MLB is right to pursue things that way. They just don’t appear to see any alternative at this point.

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