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Torii Hunter, MLB players uncomfortable with league's tactics in A-Rod investigation

Last night’s 60 minutes program contained interviews with Tony Bosch and details of the investigation that allowed Major League Baseball to finally get Alex Rodriguez and suspend him for the entire 2014 season (after the arbitrator’s decision). MLB players were instructed to keep quiet about the content of the show, but Torii Hunter still took to Twitter to express his discomfort with the whole situation:

For the record, after Bosch described injecting A-Rod in the men’s bathroom of a club, I’m going to go ahead and call that a horrible idea for a reality show.

Anyhow, Bob Nightengale of USA Today writes that Hunter is not alone in his skepticism of how MLB went about its business:

Oh, players believe Rodriguez deserves to be punished. They want the cheaters caught. The code of silence during the steroid era is over.

Yet they sure get queasy the more details they learn about the case.

Let’s see, MLB paid off informants with cash in brown paper bags. They provided money, protection and legal fees for Bosch, a drug dealer. They went door-to-door in South Florida, offering cash and allegedly threatening anyone who had info on A-Rod.”

Nightengale goes on to describe how MLB officials felt they had no choice but to stoop to those levels in order to bring the case home. Still, it’s hard to blame some of the players for raising an eyebrow about the whole thing, even if A-Rod has put a significant wedge between himself and his colleagues.

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