Dec 29, 2013; Foxborough, MA, USA; Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson (22) runs downfield against the New England Patriots during the second half of New England

Buffalo Bills RB Fred Jackson thinks he can play 3-4 more years

The NFL is a brutal game for running backs to play, as no other position in sports has a shelf life as short as running backs do. Despite all the stats you can amass in a career, running backs are toxic once they hit the age of 30 and mostly all are expendable. A handful of select backs can still run reliably after 30-years old, but there aren’t many.

Fred Jackson is 32-years old, but he thinks he has about another three or four more years in him.

Per Inside The Bills:

“I want to get three or four more years in,” he said. “I confidently believe I can do that. Especially with the workload being split between C.J. and I. That definitely gives me the opportunity to be out here three or four more years and competing with these guys and getting this thing turned around. That’s the number one goal, getting this thing turned around and giving this city something to be excited about and that’s what I want to do before I’m out of here.”

Running backs aren’t completely useless after the age of 30, and Jackson has relinquished the starting role to C.J. Spiller in Buffalo. But he’s been productive throughout his whole career and was productive last season for the Bills when Spiller went down.

Running backs have a shelf life, but Jackson seems to still have some flavor left and wants the Bills to keep feasting on his production.

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