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School counselor shaved off 11-year-old's Miami Heat-themed haircut against parent's wishes (Video)

An 11-year old boy who had a Miami Heat-themed haircut was suspended from Harns Marsh Middle after they said Danny Valdes’ haircut was ‘too distracting and gang-related‘.

The student was placed into in-school suspension and his mother said she will be switching her son to a different school. Here is video with interviews of the student and his parents on what the school did.

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How this could be interpreted as gang-related is beyond me and borders on ridiculous behavior of the school.

His stepfather was called by the school to say the haircut is against school regulations to which the stepfather replied by saying he will alter the cut to adhere to the school’s rules when the boy came home.

His school counselor then took a pair of clippers and shaved the boy’s head saying the stepfather allowed it so he could return to class. That sounds like peer pressure to me from the school who deemed a haircut worthy of being gang-related and worthy of an in-school suspension.

Here is the statement from the school: “While the school counselor followed the wishes of the student and instructions of the student’s stepfather that were provided over the phone in the presence of several witnesses, the district acknowledges the action taken by personnel were not appropriate.”

What do you think, did the school counselor go to far shaving the student’s head without parental consent?

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