Sep 15, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks fan Chris Wright (in green sleeve) cheers his team against the San Francisco 49ers during the fourth quarter at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

49ers vs. Seahawks: Prank call for NFC Championship tickets goes wrong (Audio)

If you don’t live in the Seattle area, you’re likely not overly familiar with Movin 92.5 nor their morning radio show program, Brooke and Jubal in the Morning.

The two often partake in prank calling festivities and what better way than to ruin the day of some poor San Francisco 49ers fan who will be traveling to Washington where she’ll watch her 49ers take on the Seattle Seahawks.

That was until Jubal, posing as the Seattle Seahawks ticket office member called the fan to inform her that she wouldn’t be able to attend because of her 49ers allegiance.

As you likely know, the Seahawks have not been allowing fans with credit card billing addresses in Northern California to purchase tickets to the NFC Championship game on Sunday which Jubal used to his advantage in this hilarious skit that takes a turn for the dark side.

Courtney, the unsuspecting 49ers fan gets the phone call from Jubal posing as the Seahawks ticket office informing her she can’t attend the game.

Things quickly escalate though, which hilariously includes a reference of hanging the ‘ticket broker’ with a Colin Kaepernick jersey before the game.

It’s a must listen:

Poor Courtney.

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  • Dream Seeker

    The phone tap was hysterical! Sure she went nuts but her friend emailed the radio station to have them prank her. It’s a segment the radio station does ALL THE TIME and this time was absolutely no different!

    BTW, the seahawks WEREN’T the ones that denied buyers from N.Cal to buy tickets. THE NFL DID. They did the same thing for Denver.

    This wouldn’t’ve made the news if it weren’t for the rivalry between the fans of the two teams.

    • Slobbington von Slob

      It’s a fake phone call. It’s illegal to put someone on the radio without their consent. Lady on the phone is an actress.

      • kp

        it was not a fake call or an actress. They play phone taps every morning on the radio. Jubal calls the day or days before (its not live) and “phone taps” them. They then get the consent from the person to play it on the radio and it is then played. I listen every morning.

        • Slobbington von Slob

          Nope. Not true. The FCC regulation is very clear that you need to first inform the person that the audio will be used for the radio. You can’t record first and ask later. And even if that weren’t the case, if you were the victim of this and threatened to hang someone with your jersey, would you then allow them to air it? Nah. Irrelevant anyway, though.

        • Slobbington von Slob

          “We also disagree with the Licensee’s contention that the consent to broadcast the call,
          obtained after the recording concluded, insulates the Licensee from the rule’s application.29 The rule
          requires notice obtained before recording for broadcast commences, not consent obtained after the fact.”