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Report: 'Neighborhood' play cannot be reviewed in new MLB replay system

There are some who still champion the subjectivity of human umpires. They resist the incorporation of replay into Major League Baseball, citing the fact that close calls and missed calls are part of the fabric of the game.

Among the topics that might full under this argument are the strike zone and the famous “neighborhood play” when middle infielders turn double plays (see the above picture of Stephen DrewAustin Jackson was called out on the play).

Jon Morosi of Fox Sports reports tonight that the neighborhood play will not be reviewed as part of the proposed replay system.

While I am not the fan of false notions of “tradition” simply because baseball never changes, this makes sense. This particular play happens so often in the context of turning a double play and it’s hard to tell anyway. It really would be hairy if it could be reviewed, so I think the MLBPA has got this right.

Morosi explained why he agrees:

And in that moment, Morosi presented a go-to argument for baseball traditionalists.

It just is.

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