Super Bowl commercials 2014: Axe Peace unveils 'Love' ad (Video)


One of the most anticipated aspects of the Super Bowl for not football fans and fanatics of the sport alike is what goes on during television timeouts. Every year, the Super Bowl commercials are among the most anticipated of the year and that will be no different for Super Bowl XLVIII.

As we draw nearer to the big game, a number of companies are beginning to roll out their ads that will be featured during the Super Bowl.

AXE is one of the first companies to roll out their commercial that will premiere on Feb. 2, and the ad campaign is for their new product, AXE Peace. The commercial is titled  “Love,” and the hope for the new global campaign is to bring people together to “make love, not war.”

With AXE Peace, the brand is giving fans simple yet meaningful actions they can take to spread the peace message and create change.

You can view the one-minute AXE Peace Super Bowl commercial below:

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