Dec 23, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers center Andrew Bynum reacts in the second quarter against the Detroit Pistons at Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Rumors: Miami Heat continue to downplay interest in signing Andrew Bynum

When Andrew Bynum was traded to the Chicago Bulls, speculation about the Miami Heat signing the troubled big man began before Chicago could even cut him. But now that Bynum has been on the market for over a week, the Heat are continuing to downplay their interest in Bynum.

Heat president Pat Riley said after Miami’s game on Wednesday that talk of the team signing Bynum is nothing but speculation at this point.

“It’s all speculation,” Riley said. “That’s all it is. There will be a tremendous amount of research (on free agents). There’s nothing going at all. There’s nothing happening at all with that situation.”

Greg Oden was active for the Heat’s game on Wednesday, which means Miami may indeed be out of the running for Bynum. Many who were against the idea of Miami signing Bynum pointed out that the team already has Oden for height and depth in the postseason, and the fact that he’s now playing may be the Heat testing him out to see what they have.

Should Oden fail his test, Miami may go out and get Bynum. They may still go out and get Bynum regardless, but if they’re indeed interested in the big man, Miami is certainly doing their best to throw people off their scent.

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  • Jimmy DeMarco

    I don’t see any reason why Miami shouldn’t sign Bynum. Oden just played real time the other night & clearly will work his minutes up slowly. And Haslem is obviously a non factor anymore, barley effective actually.
    And we all know LeBron is All world at everything, but you can see the amount of minutes and the fact that he’s making even more of a conscious effort to rebound more this year.

    I have no idea what Bynum is going to bring to the table. But Miami should be the table he joins. Miami is going to need that post presence in order to 3-peat. And even if Bynum gives you sub par offense, his defensive andooffensive rebounding and crashing the boards is something they need.

    • Justin David Simrell

      I agree 1000%, I don’t know why everybody is saying “Oh if the Heat sign Bynum their basically saying they have given up on Oden” I think that is so ridiculous. I hope miami signs him and Oden, Birdman and Bynum rotate minutes and they all can stay healthy and fresh. And even tho it was only for like 9minutes i thought Oden looked GREAT! im excited to see more! LETS GO HEAT!!!

      • Jimmy DeMarco

        I completely agree.
        Bynum is the exact type of wild card this team needs. And like you said, having Oden, Bynum and Bird Man rotating, that’s how Miami will beat Indiana.
        And the match up problems become against Indiana now. They won’t have enough people to play a Wade – LeBron – Bosh – Bynum – Oden lineup, no way. Hibbert would foul out of every game before the halfway point of the 3rd quarter.

        It’s a move they need to and definitely should make.

        3-peat time!

        • Anti Troll

          Absolutely agree with you guys! Bynum and Oden both do different things! Bynum can score in the post, giving the Heat a different gear in a slowed down tempo! Oden is more of an energetic big, judging from what he did vs the Wizards. Plus, Birdman is 35 years old and might not be on board next season!