Report: New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith escorted off plane by LAX officers

Deadspin is reporting that New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith was escorted off of an airplane Friday night by LAX police officers.

The word comes from a “tipster” in the area and was confirmed by a passenger in the terminal. They report that Smith was agitated about having to wait to get a seat assignment for his flight. He allegedly starting cursing and yelling, and that’s when the LAX officers were notified.

The report says that the poor workers for Virgin America informed passengers that they would have to wait until a certain time to get their seat assignment. Apparently not familiar was how flights work, Smith was upset with that arrangement and shouted, “Why the (bleep) do I have to wait until 2:40?” (among other things)

The answer, of course, is because everyone has to wait. To get this upset and yell like this obviously is not an appropriate reaction. Whether or not Smith was pulling a “do you know who I am?!?” celebrity stunt is not clear at this point.

What we do know is that Roger Goodell and the NFL are not shy about punishing their players for incidents off the field, and making trouble at an airport is no joke. If these reports turn out to be true, Smith has created some trouble for himself.

Source: Deadspin – Geno Smith Allegedly Escorted Off Plane by LAX Cops

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