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Rob Ryan on his hair: 'I think I'll let it grow'

Leave it to one of the Ryan brothers to make a decision out of defiance.

On Thursday night Rob Ryan was asked about the report that he would have to cut his long hair to be taken seriously for a head coaching job. Here’s what he had to say (courtesy of Fox Sports):

It is getting kind of long now. Eventually, I’ll cut it…But not now with the peer pressure. I think I’ll let it grow.”

Great. Did he stick his tongue out after he said it?

On a serious note, Ryan mentioned that he grows it out and then cuts it for the ‘Locks of Love’ program:

Well, I mean I’ve done that since I was in Oakland. It all started with my daughter. I went to school and one of her classmates needed hair and all that.  So, I’ve donated my hair about five different times to Locks of Love.”

The notion that teams would not be interested in him because of his flowing locks made the NFL look ridiculous to begin with. Now that we know Ryan does it for a good cause and not just to be different or draw attention to himself? Well, that just makes it even more ridiculous, and teams need to get over it.

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