Seattle > San Francisco: The definitive list

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The Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers are all set to square off in the NFC Championship game. So how to the two cities match up. Friend of FanSided David Woodley breaks down the tale of the tape between the two.

Seattle > San Francisco

Boeing > Pottery Barn

Jimi Hendrix > Tony Bennett

Russell Wilson > Colin Kaepernick

CenturyLink Field > Candlestick Park

Jay Buhner > Jeff Kent

Cameron Crowe > David Fincher

Tim Lincecum = Tim Lincecum

Dave Cameron > Bleacher Report

Tuba Man > Barry Bonds

Pete Carroll > Jim Harbaugh

Ted Bundy> Zodiac Killer

Jones Soda > Adina Beverages

Ivars Clam Chowder > Rice-A-Roni

Tacoma Narrows > Golden Gate

Golden Tate > Golden Gate

Kurt Cobain > Courtney Love

Edgar Martinez > Big Panda

Capital Hill > “The Mission”

Tacoma > Oakland

Detlef Schrempf > Jason Kidd

Bob Barker > Robert Frost

Randy Johnson > Barry Zito

Modest Mouse > Tommy TuTone

San Juan Islands > Alcatraz > Digg

Sir Mix Alot > MC Hammer

Wizards of the Coast > Gap Inc

Shawn Kemp > Baron Davis

Chone Figgins > Nothing


Amazon > Craigslist

Macklemore > Huey Lewis

Mark Mclemore> Huey Lewis

Rainer Beer > Anchor Steam

Beast Mode > Frank Gore

White Center > Tenderloin

Apolo Ohno > Live Journal

Amanda Knox > OJ Simpson

Tim’s Cascade Chips > Del Monte

Tarvaris Jackson > Joe Montana

The Glove > OJ Simpson

David Woodley is some dude who lives in Brooklyn. He owns 7 shares of Jones Soda and actually likes visiting San Francisco from time to time. You can reach him at

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